• Conviction - blindsey_01 - Milledgeville, Georgia

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    File originally posted on 2/20/2007 5:33 AM PST [Link to File]
    Report made 2/20/2007 5:46 AM PST

    blindsey_01 (07/19/06 5:22:11 PM): and i have made them to the point that when they get up to go to the bathroom its hard to walk for them if they can
    Nahtasha (07/19/06 5:22:20 PM): lol what?
    blindsey_01 (07/19/06 5:23:18 PM): there nerv respnses are throun off balance and they kinda have to wait till they get more stable legs week in the knees basically
    Nahtasha (07/19/06 5:23:31 PM): lol id have to see that to beleve it :p
    blindsey_01 (07/19/06 5:24:16 PM): it ussually only happons if its been a while for them and its usually after the 2 intercourse in a row
    Nahtasha (07/19/06 5:24:23 PM): lol oh okay
    blindsey_01 (07/19/06 5:25:28 PM): somtimes it happons and somtimes it dont id have to hit the nerv cluster just right inside to make it happon and they have to be really sensitive to do it
    Nahtasha (07/19/06 5:25:41 PM): oh okay that sounds cool
    blindsey_01 (07/19/06 5:27:07 PM): yea but when i hit it it usually makes them have to pee and they hate me cause they need help to get to the bathroom
    Nahtasha (07/19/06 5:27:26 PM): lololol what! u crazy
    blindsey_01 (07/19/06 5:28:44 PM): telll me about it but if you ever get that week you will defenently get a good rest and wake up brand new cuz there will be no muscil tention in your body its all lose and relaxed
    Nahtasha (07/19/06 5:28:59 PM): lol that sounds like big talk to me :p
    blindsey_01 (07/19/06 5:29:45 PM): now i cant do that everytime its just ocasionally that t happons and thats not that often

    Yeah, we're quite sure it's not all that often... nor will be in the future.

    Brian Lindsey is another of our Georgia convictions from the Harris County TCAP sting operation with Dateline NBC. They've been handing out some terrific sentences and \"blindsey\" here is no exception. We're very proud of the results of this sting, it has illustrated that when it comes to sentencing... well, it's all up to the individual state and judge.

    Brian here received a ten year jail term with a minimum of five years served. Then he'll eat ten years of probation followed by a lifetime dessert of sex offender registration. It's a mighty three course meal of JUSTICE!

    Notes from the Contributor, Xavier Von Erck
    I wrote extensively in the log that Brian Lindsey was boring me, and he was. He was so boring. He was a pure predator, but he was such a boring pure predator. He reminded me of talking to a really disinteresting guy on a bus, you know some guy in the back that has no social concept of conversation and he prattles on and on, while you clutch your headphones wishing for the pain to stop?

    Yeah, that was the entire conversation with this guy. I was trying to work the myriad of other predators that were hitting on me and there's Lindsey ever three seconds talking about some boring topic or another. He almost single-handedly became a human shield for other internet predators, he was so forward and talkative. Just so unbelievable trite and boring... but at least he'll get to experience some of that boredom himself for the next five years while he thinks about how he has screwed up his own life to satiate his own sick sexual urges.

    Great work to my verifier, Vande Camp for her awesome verifying during this. I couldn't even believe she stayed awake.

    Great work to everyone in Harris County and all the good police backing them up, whether they be from the state bureau of investigation or those that joined us from the federal government. Nice work and we hope they're as happy with the result as we are.

    This is our 156th conviction since June of 2004 and our 35th conviction for 2007 so far.