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    koolkrod16 (07/19/13 12:56:19 AM): I love young I'm sick I know
    katy_bug007 (07/19/13 12:57:38 AM): i dnt think its sick. age is just a number. katy_bug007 (07/19/13 12:57:54 AM): do u always date younger?
    koolkrod16 (07/19/13 12:57:53 AM): :) :) :)
    katy_bug007 (07/19/13 12:59:27 AM): ;)
    koolkrod16 (07/19/13 1:00:37 AM): Yep
    koolkrod16 (07/19/13 1:00:48 AM): I've had sex witha 16 yo
    katy_bug007 (07/19/13 1:01:22 AM): o im not that much younger then 16
    koolkrod16 (07/19/13 1:01:30 AM): Indeed

    You're a predator, Robert. You know you're a predator. We know you're a predator. Now the whole world will have a chance to know you're a predator.

    Robert E. Konieczko was arrested and prosecuted in Lake County, IL. He was charged with Indecent Solicitation of a Child, and Solicitation to Meet a Child. He ultimately accepted a plea agreement, and was sentenced to 24 months of probation, 120 hours of community service, registration as a sex offender and all that entails, and sex offender treatment.

    This is our 587th conviction since June of 2004.