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    File originally posted on 4/5/2011 11:33 PM PST [Link to File]
    Report made 4/5/2011 11:33 PM PST

    tito_92503 (6:28:11 PM): u just cant be telling ur friends about us ok
    jilly_dillygurl (6:28:18 PM): ok y not
    tito_92503 (6:28:20 PM): or anyone
    jilly_dillygurl (6:28:25 PM): o ok
    tito_92503 (6:28:29 PM): cause im older remember
    tito_92503 (6:28:40 PM): most people wont agree about that
    jilly_dillygurl (6:28:46 PM): yeah LOL tahts dumb rite?
    tito_92503 (6:28:50 PM): i know
    tito_92503 (6:29:04 PM): but they wont think its right so dont be saying anything to no one
    tito_92503 (6:29:05 PM): ok
    jilly_dillygurl (6:29:09 PM): ok
    tito_92503 (6:29:12 PM): we can get in big trouble specially me
    jilly_dillygurl (6:29:29 PM): i dont wnat 2 get u in truble
    jilly_dillygurl (6:29:37 PM): :)
    jilly_dillygurl (6:29:41 PM): or me 2!
    tito_92503 (6:29:51 PM): i know so dontbe saying nothing to anyone ok
    jilly_dillygurl (6:29:58 PM): ok i promis
    tito_92503 (6:29:59 PM): ur friends secially
    tito_92503 (6:30:04 PM): specially
    jilly_dillygurl (6:30:07 PM): ok
    tito_92503 (6:30:15 PM): u promise
    jilly_dillygurl (6:30:22 PM): i promisw
    tito_92503 (6:30:24 PM): ok
    tito_92503 (6:30:46 PM): hey so do u have any boobies yet or they pretty small?
    From "don't tell anyone" to asking about breast size, that's about as pedo as it gets.

    Eduardo Ernesto Guillen was a pretty slimy guy, hitting us up five years ago. Five years ago, you might be thinking... yep, California has a really slow justice system. But eventually it all gets done.

    Guillen got a year in jail, which he had already served so he got sentenced to time served, basically. He also was given sexual offender parole, and has a number of restrictions upon him. He may also face deportation as a result.

    Contributor notes from Big Mac
    Edurado Ernesto Guillen, there aren't enough curse words in the English language for me to describe your sorry, little-man, fuckheaded self. I do know one thing, like every other asshole we've caught this was not likely the first time you did this. It also likely won't be the last. One hundred-fifty days was far too lenient a sentence in my eyes. Consider yourself lucky to have had the money to play the system for nearly five years and eke out a slap-on-the-wrist sentence.

    We'll be around, and some day I'm sure we'll meet again. But until that day comes, parents watch out for your 13 year old girls, Eddie is out there...

    Thanks to Van de Camp, one of our most prolific and successful verifiers of all time. You made my decoy complete, and managed to get Eddie to turn around and head back for a second time to be arrested. I'm very grateful for that. Thanks to Chris Hansen and NBC, the first Law Enforcement media bust for Perverted Justice was a huge success. Thanks to the Riverside County Sheriff, you took a chance and helped us kick down the doors of the internet to expose these fucking pedophiles. Thanks to Maxwell House, you've been an excellent Vigilante all these years and I never would have come this far without your help. Thanks to Xavier for placing his trust in me and providing me the opportunity to fight this fight next to all of you excellent and admirable people.

    This has been one hell of a ride dear readers, friends and fellow Vigilantes. I can only wonder what the next five years will bring. I'm betting it will be bringing a lot either way.

    This is our 542nd conviction since June of 2004 and our 10th conviction for 2011.