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    File originally posted on 12/6/2007 4:53 AM PST [Link to File]
    Report made 12/6/2007 4:53 AM PST

    funjxn1 (02:06:05 PM): u really don't mind im 27
    Charro (02:06:09 PM): no!
    Charro (02:06:19 PM): u dont care taht im 13
    Charro (02:06:24 PM): i like u lots
    funjxn1 (02:06:30 PM): i like u more baby
    Charro (02:06:34 PM): i gotta p
    funjxn1 (02:06:41 PM): u horny?
    Charro (02:06:46 PM): im gonna call u in like 15 k
    Charro (02:07:04 PM): yah r u comin tho?
    funjxn1 (02:07:11 PM): hell yes i am
    funjxn1 (02:07:14 PM): can not wait
    Charro (02:07:23 PM): k i gotta go p real bad then im gonna change
    funjxn1 (02:07:26 PM): tell me this
    funjxn1 (02:07:31 PM): do i need to park somewhere else
    Charro (02:07:43 PM): no u can come in the garage if u want
    funjxn1 (02:07:50 PM): that's fine
    Charro (02:07:50 PM): her cars gone
    funjxn1 (02:07:53 PM): cool
    Charro (02:07:54 PM): k kewl
    funjxn1 (02:08:02 PM): do'nt want anyting to cause trouble
    funjxn1 (02:08:09 PM): like someone seeing an uncommon car
    Charro (02:08:16 PM): well just close the garage
    funjxn1 (02:08:28 PM): i may fuck u in the car right there
    funjxn1 (02:08:29 PM): ;)

    Well, that didn't quite end up happening.

    Douglas Hindman has good luck and bad luck. The bad? He hit up one of our decoy profiles during our Jackson, Mississippi sting operation. He showed up, he was arrested. The good, for him? The MS law was flawed and he could not be charged properly with a felony that carried registration as a sex offender. The law, due to our cases in Mississippi, has since been changed thankfully. Oh, while Hindman won't be a registered sex offender... well, he'll be listed here in our special Convictiontown for the rest of his life. Guess there was a bit more of bad news we forgot to mention.

    Hindman received a two-year suspended prison sentence and 5 years probation. He was also levied ten thousand dollars in fines and restitution. Hindman was not a first time offender, he had previously contacted a police decoy but had refused to come fearing it was a police trap. With us, Hindman had no reservations.

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    Contributor notes from El Charro
    Itís unfortunate that Douglas Hindman, in my opinion, got off with basically a slap on the wrist because of how the law was written. It really pisses me off that he avoided RSO status especially, because if you read the chat logs and listen to the three phone calls the lovely Vande made, you will see without a doubt he deserved a much stiffer penalty. But, our work and convictions like this was instrumental in getting this law changed and I am happy about that; this is why we are here and will always be here. This man was dead serious with his intentions and we need to send a clear message to men like him.

    A big thanks to Captain Henry Glaze and his team for a job well done. You guys were wonderful to work with and I appreciate every single one of you; I know you worked your asses off on this sting.

    This is our 242nd conviction since June of 2004 and our 121st conviction for 2007 so far.