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    File originally posted on 8/15/2008 5:43 PM PST [Link to File]
    Report made 8/15/2008 5:43 PM PST

    jkspeedster0112 (10/28/07 9:47:02 PM): yea remember i want to see u :)
    chels_m1993 (10/28/07 9:47:11 PM): yeah i remember
    jkspeedster0112 (10/28/07 9:47:33 PM): sow e can cuddle and stuff :)
    chels_m1993 (10/28/07 9:47:45 PM): stuff wat stuff
    jkspeedster0112 (10/28/07 9:47:49 PM): lol
    jkspeedster0112 (10/28/07 9:48:07 PM): ;)
    jkspeedster0112 (10/28/07 9:48:14 PM): :">
    chels_m1993 (10/28/07 9:48:24 PM): y u blushing
    jkspeedster0112 (10/28/07 9:48:55 PM): Stuff... lol
    chels_m1993 (10/28/07 9:49:04 PM): huh
    jkspeedster0112 (10/28/07 9:49:06 PM): to make u feel good ;)
    chels_m1993 (10/28/07 9:49:17 PM): hows that
    jkspeedster0112 (10/28/07 9:50:40 PM): with my figners ;)
    chels_m1993 (10/28/07 9:50:51 PM): huh
    chels_m1993 (10/28/07 9:51:04 PM): wat r u talking bout
    jkspeedster0112 (10/28/07 9:51:09 PM): lol
    jkspeedster0112 (10/28/07 9:51:45 PM): remember i'm always horny and want u to be also ;)
    chels_m1993 (10/28/07 9:52:00 PM): o yeah
    jkspeedster0112 (10/28/07 9:52:52 PM): lol
    jkspeedster0112 (10/28/07 9:52:53 PM): uh huh
    chels_m1993 (10/28/07 9:53:07 PM): so when
    jkspeedster0112 (10/28/07 9:53:22 PM): ??
    jkspeedster0112 (10/28/07 9:53:27 PM): would u let still do that?
    chels_m1993 (10/28/07 9:53:35 PM): do wat
    jkspeedster0112 (10/28/07 9:53:39 PM): i'm hopping soon.
    chels_m1993 (10/28/07 9:53:47 PM): kewl
    jkspeedster0112 (10/28/07 9:53:56 PM): finger u :">
    chels_m1993 (10/28/07 9:54:01 PM): wat
    jkspeedster0112 (10/28/07 9:54:26 PM): would u let me?
    chels_m1993 (10/28/07 9:54:40 PM): let u wat
    jkspeedster0112 (10/28/07 9:55:01 PM): put ym hand down ur pants and rub u down there :">

    When you have to explain that to a female... she's too young. Period.

    Josh Klamecki had a really, really long chat. From September 2007 to January 2008, he spent his nights trying to convince a thirteen year old girl to have sex with him, well, on the nights he wasn't spending trying to explain to our decoy what sex was to begin with. Luckily, we didn't have to spend much time explaining what an arrest was to ol' Josh, he learned first-hand pretty quickly.

    Klamecki was sentenced to four months in jail and six years probation. He will have to register as a sex offender, is to have no unsupervised contact with females and won't be reading this writeup because he's restricted from having internet access.

    Contributor notes from Sherry Twist
    Josh hit up my 14 year old persona in a Yahoo Wisconsin chat room at the beginning of September of last year. He told me I was too young to "do anything with" and that I was "jail bait", but we could still talk. Eleven minutes into the conversation, he was asking sexual questions. I chatted with him in between working two group busts. Josh was always waiting for me when I got back. Finally, in January, we set up a meet at a park in Madison and he showed up right on time.

    He pled guilty and will spend the next four months in jail and six years on probation. He is to have no unsupervised contact with minor females and no use or access to the internet. He is also to undergo sex offender assessment and treatment.

    I would like to thank my verifier LadyBass for a great job, as always, and a special thank you to the Madison LE. They were fantastic to work with.

    This is our 281st conviction since June of 2004 and our 19th conviction for 2008 thus far.