• Conviction - phil29ct - Torrington, Connecticut

    - Chatlog Conviction -
    File originally posted on 8/16/2004 8:03 PM PST [Link to File]
    Report made 5/4/2005 7:42 PM PST

    Back in August, Phillip Fay had a sexual conversation with what he believed to be a thirteen year old. Fay posed some special issues, since he is a homeless man who was living out of a YMCA and using public computers. Still, homelessness didn't stop Fay from preying online. However, our intervention did. After posting him publicly and contacting a location where he was using a computer, we were contacted by police in Connecticut. Working with them, Fay was finally tracked down and arrested by State police.

    Connecticut police did a great job on this case and are to be commended. They recognized the very real danger of this individual and acted quickly to find this predator and arrest him.

    PeeJ Contributor Pibb had the following to say about the case:

    Philip Fay contacted my under age screen name in a yahoo chat room from the library of a local community college. We discovered he was living in a local YMCA. The staff members of these public facilities worked swiftly to hold Fay accountable for his actions. I'd like to thank them for their cooperation and effort in this case. While I am disappointed in Fay's sentence, I take some comfort in knowing that he's been exposed in his community.

    Fay's sentence is light, as he pled down to a count of disorderly conduct. He will receive a year of probation and ninety days time served. While we're happy to see him convicted, we just hope that the deterrent effect of posting him and his time-served will knock this predator offline for good.

    Original arrest story: Register Citizen reports arrest of Phillip Fay

    This conviction marks twelve convictions in the last ten months. We are especially pleased of the fact that all twelve convictions have come in twelve different states, showing exactly how wide our cooperation with police is. We are very pleased to have a rate of more than one conviction a month over the last ten months, and hope that this rate only continues for the future. With increasing LE contacts month by month, we can only believe that these successes will continue for years to come.