• Conviction - toddb39 - Macomb, MI, Michigan

    - Chatlog Conviction -
    File originally posted on 11/16/2009 10:49 PM PST [Link to File]
    Report made 11/16/2009 10:49 PM PST

    toddb39 (02/10/08 11:18:54 PM): I'd come over...
    Decoy (02/10/08 11:18:59 PM): really?
    toddb39 (02/10/08 11:19:13 PM): if you want me to do oral on you
    Decoy (02/10/08 11:19:29 PM): u really like me enough 2 come over and do that?
    toddb39 (02/10/08 11:19:38 PM): sure babe
    Decoy (02/10/08 11:19:43 PM): sounds fun
    toddb39 (02/10/08 11:19:44 PM): it's wonderful
    toddb39 (02/10/08 11:20:14 PM): you lay down...spread your legs...and I lick up your inner thigh
    Decoy (02/10/08 11:20:23 PM): lolz
    toddb39 (02/10/08 11:20:29 PM): your laughing
    Decoy (02/10/08 11:21:05 PM): lol more like a giggle lol
    toddb39 (02/10/08 11:21:08 PM): you ever wear skirts?
    toddb39 (02/10/08 11:21:14 PM): would you like that?
    Decoy (02/10/08 11:21:31 PM): ya i wear skirts everyday i go 2 private school
    toddb39 (02/10/08 11:21:38 PM): you have a uniform?
    Decoy (02/10/08 11:21:44 PM): ya i hate it
    toddb39 (02/10/08 11:21:50 PM): what's it look like?
    Decoy (02/10/08 11:22:08 PM): skirt and white shirt
    toddb39 (02/10/08 11:22:14 PM): short skirt?
    Decoy (02/10/08 11:22:24 PM): ya kinda not 2 short tho or u get in trouble
    toddb39 (02/10/08 11:22:31 PM): that is hot
    toddb39 (02/10/08 11:22:38 PM): would you wear that for me?
    Decoy (02/10/08 11:22:46 PM): i hate my uniform
    toddb39 (02/10/08 11:22:53 PM): it's easier with a skirt on
    Decoy (02/10/08 11:22:59 PM): oh
    toddb39 (02/10/08 11:23:07 PM): I can get right to it
    Yeah, wouldn't want any delays in your attempts to molest a child.

    Todd Boland was arrested as part of the \"clean up\" operation following the first sting between Perverted Justice and the Michigan AG's office. As always, we are thankful Michigan has such tough laws in this regard, arresting everyone who solicits children online, regardless of whether or not they can get to the bust house on the right day. He ended up pleading guilty to two counts, communicating to commit accosting and soliciting a minor for immoral purposes, and communication to commit dissemination of sexually explicit matter to minors. Boland received five years probation, fines, and must register as a sex offender with the usual long list of restrictions. He cannot be in contact with minors nor use the internet.

    Contributor notes from Silver Jordan
    Todd Alan Boland was a frustrating predator for me. He hit me up during our first Michigan sting. He was very cautious. He would not add me to his friends list, he did not want to give me his phone number, and he repeatedly questioned if I was part of a sting operation. One would think that if he was concerned about that, he'd disengage from the chat HE started. Not Todd. Todd repeatedly exposed himself on webcam to what he thought was a 14 year old girl. He made plans to pick her up and take her to his house while her mother was away, so he could teach this virgin child to give and receive oral sex and to lose her virginity. He was extremely manipulative, using alternating guilt, anger, and praise to try to get the \"child\" to assist him in reaching orgasm while they were chatting.

    Todd backed out of meeting at the last minute, fearing it was a sting operation. Good call, Todd - but just not enough. Michigan, being proactive when it comes to predators, arrested him after the sting for his activities online. When all was said and done, Todd entered a guilty plea and received a sentence of five months in jail, five years probation, various fines, and was ordered to register as a sex offender. His RSO status means that he cannot have contact with anyone under the age of 17, with the exception of his own toddler daughter. As always, my thanks to the Michigan Attorney General's Office for their amazing work in bringing these predators to justice.

    This is our 424th conviction since June of 2004, our 120th conviction for 2009, and our 46th conviction in Michigan thus far.