• Conviction - lovesoral54956 - Neenah, Wisconsin

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    File originally posted on 9/13/2008 8:43 AM PST [Link to File]
    Report made 9/13/2008 8:43 AM PST

    lovesoral54956 (9:13:32 AM): age?
    appletonschmappleton (9:13:47 AM): 13 u
    lovesoral54956 (9:13:59 AM): m or f?
    appletonschmappleton (9:14:15 AM): f
    lovesoral54956 (9:14:18 AM): kinda young iam 21
    appletonschmappleton (9:14:22 AM): ok bye
    lovesoral54956 (9:14:27 AM): unless you dont mind
    lovesoral54956 (9:14:55 AM): i wont talk about sex because you a virgin and never saw a cock
    appletonschmappleton (9:15:02 AM): ok
    appletonschmappleton (9:15:10 AM): so wat ru doing 2day going shopping
    lovesoral54956 (9:15:15 AM): yes
    lovesoral54956 (9:15:20 AM): and other things
    appletonschmappleton (9:15:28 AM): who ru buying for
    lovesoral54956 (9:15:43 AM): you be surprise girls your age that have done sex already
    lovesoral54956 (9:15:47 AM): you
    lovesoral54956 (9:15:49 AM): lol
    appletonschmappleton (9:15:56 AM): me :O
    appletonschmappleton (9:15:56 AM): cool
    appletonschmappleton (9:16:01 AM): i want an american girl
    lovesoral54956 (9:16:03 AM): a nice sexy black nightie
    appletonschmappleton (9:16:06 AM): and gameboy advance
    You know a log is old when we're asking for Gameboy Advances in it.

    Steven Bayer is a case from so long ago that off the top of our head, we can't remember if he showed at one of our Wisconsin TV news sting operations or if he was an Information First arrest. Really doesn't matter though, because today we post his conviction. Sure, it's three years later, but hey, these things can take time.

    He received seven months of a suspended sentence and will register as a sex offender. Hey, we don't make the sentences, we just gather the evidence in our usual professional way.

    Contributor notes from Captain Morgan
    Yes, the date on the log is correct. 2005. Steve here took the plea agreement and received the following sentence:

    Jail Time: 2 Months
    Jail Time: 7 Months

    Imposed and stayed. Along with 36 months of probation, counseling and evaluations.

    Thank you to our verifier, mbnh, Detective Adam Streubel of the Neenah PD, Detective Mike Nofzinger of Appleton PD and everyone else who had a hand in this case.

    No, it's not the best sentence but it's something. Something to make it crystal clear to this asshole that preying on children just is not an option. I'm happy with that.

    This is our 296th conviction since June of 2004 and our 35th conviction for 2008 thus far.