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    File originally posted on 9/1/2008 7:04 AM PST [Link to File]
    Report made 9/1/2008 7:04 AM PST

    tennisboy213 (11/30/06 8:20:38 PM): no i wasn't messing with u
    tennisboy213 (11/30/06 8:20:40 PM): i do like u
    tennisboy213 (11/30/06 8:20:50 PM): but u need to understand the reality of all of this
    tennisboy213 (11/30/06 8:20:56 PM): we live far aprt
    tennisboy213 (11/30/06 8:20:58 PM): apart
    tennisboy213 (11/30/06 8:21:09 PM): and its illegal for the two of us to do stuff together
    tennisboy213 (11/30/06 8:21:30 PM): i've just been thinking about all of this lately
    tennisboy213 (11/30/06 8:21:36 PM): and I've made this decision
    tennisboy213 (11/30/06 8:21:42 PM): its not that I dont' like u
    tennisboy213 (11/30/06 8:21:46 PM): You are a smart girl
    tennisboy213 (11/30/06 8:21:56 PM): You should be able to understand what i'm saying
    tennisboy213 (11/30/06 8:22:26 PM): I'm looking out for you here
    tennisboy213 (11/30/06 8:22:31 PM): Please understand that

    And had you actually believed the above, you wouldn't have spent that year plus in jail.

    Safraz Khan went back and forth on what he wanted. In the end, we guess he wanted to go to jail since he decided to show up to try to have sex with an underage girl at our Flagler Beach, Florida TCAP sting operation.

    Khan was sentenced to fifteen months in jail followed by a special five years sex offender probation term and a lifetime of the goodness of the sex offender registry.

    Contributor notes from Elena Ruth
    Safraz Khan was one of 21 men who showed up for Dateline X TCAP - Flagler Beach, Florida in Dec. 2006. This is my first arrest and conviction from back when I was a Jr. Contributor. I was playing a 13 year old black girl and the decoy sent to the door was a blonde girl (oops), yet he still came in. This was after my verifier had to call him 8 times just to give him directions to the bust house because he kept getting lost. He said in the chat that he was really bad with directions and he wasn't kidding. He was running so late that during his interview with Chris Hansen the next guy scheduled walked in and they ended up being interviewed and arrested together which was a first.

    He wasn't very interesting to chat with and not as vile as some guys, but man he drove me crazy always asking me how old I thought he looked. He tried so hard to get me to say that he looked like he was 17, which I was not about to do. You can tell when I had enough of it and refused to answer that question again, even when he begged. I have never seen a man be so worried or \"sensitive\" as he called it about his age, it was however rather amusing to watch him have a melt down over it.

    I want to thank our phone verifiers for the 13 calls made to him over the month long chat. Thanks also go out to the Flagler Beach PD and the Flagler County DA's office. Safraz was sentenced to the Dept of Corrections for 15 months, followed by 5 years sex offender probation, and will forever be designated as a sex offender, which ultimately is the best part of the sentence.

    This is our 291st conviction since June of 2004 and our 30th conviction for 2008 thus far.