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    Report made 8/14/2006 2:25 PM PST

    bigracingfan898 (3/4/2006 9:51:34 PM): cant wait to see you in that skirt
    ashlee_0013 (3/4/2006 9:52:01 PM): cant wait 2 see u
    bigracingfan898 (3/4/2006 9:52:08 PM): cool
    bigracingfan898 (3/4/2006 9:54:25 PM): i bet you going to look great in that skirt
    ashlee_0013 (3/4/2006 9:54:42 PM): i hope so
    ashlee_0013 (3/4/2006 9:54:50 PM): i think it look good on me
    bigracingfan898 (3/4/2006 9:54:50 PM): im sure you will
    ashlee_0013 (3/4/2006 9:54:57 PM): thnx
    bigracingfan898 (3/4/2006 9:56:50 PM): ill rubb your butt

    Charles Morgan was hopeful that he'd be meeting a thirteen year old. Well, he was close to being correct, but rather than meet a thirteen year old he ended up meeting a ten year old... sentence, for online solicitation. According to local officials, he will serve at least 85% of that time under new sentencing guidelines.

    Morgan's chat spanned quite a while during which time our volunteer worked to have him arrested by law enforcement. She was fortunate to find proactive law enforcement that recognized the usefulness and quality of her work. Because of the smooth handling of citizen evidence, the meet and arrest went off without a hitch. Very impressive work from all involved.

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    Notes from the Contributor, Summer Sangria
    The Charles Morgan case was a sad one for me to work on. I considered him to be very aggressive in his search for a younger female for sex. He openly admitted to having had sex with minors before in his community, having married his ex-wife when she was only fourteen and that he had a female relative (also 14 yrs old) that had wanted to have sex with him. However, he was also the sole parent of a young son. This particular case really brought home to me the fact that a sexual predator leaves behind many victims.

    Charles Morgan was convicted and will be serving ten years for his crimes. I am very pleased with the sentence and appreciate the hard work of the Internet Crimes Against Children (ICAC) of Alabama. Investigators Tim Byrd and Ricky Peak along with Chief Weeks of Samson PD are dedicated in fighting against those who would harm our children. They were responsive and professional in having me handle the meet, truly proactive. I wish them all continued success in their endeavors.

    This is our 72nd conviction since June of 2004 and our 32nd conviction for the year 2006 thus far. We are currently one conviction away from matching our total for all of 2005 in a mere 8 and a 1/2 months. This is also our first conviction Alabama which brings our conviction total to 30 different states! At the rate we're going, we've added more than one new state each month since our first conviction 26 months ago in June of 2004.

    This is of course just the beginning, many more convictions, chat-logs and new states lie in wait. Until then, enjoy a new updated conviction map.