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    User194547 [2:40 P.M.]: i meet a kid from---cincy
    User194547 [2:40 P.M.]: he was---16
    GreatEscapeOhio [2:40 P.M.]: u fuck him?
    User194547 [2:40 P.M.]: we suck and fuck and kiss
    User194547 [2:40 P.M.]: yea
    User194547 [2:40 P.M.]: he fuck me
    User194547 [2:40 P.M.]: also
    If youthink these guys aren't hitting up real kids online, you're insane.

    Glenn Mitchell is one of those classic obsessive predators. This is the kind of pedophile who would go online daily in an attempt to search out underage boys. He had hit up quite a few of our decoy personas over the years. It wasn't until the Darke County sting, however, that we were finally able to bring him in with the help of law enforcement.

    There's much more about Mitchell that our contributor covers with the following writeup.

    Contributor notes from Jay Alternative
    Now we meet Glenn Mitchell of Carmel, Indiana. Glenn had been a thorn in my side since early 2003. Anytime I placed my character in the Mid-West Region, Mitchell would find him. We are not talking just one character, but multiple characters. Every time I would be close to getting a final meet with Mitchell, something would fall through. It was frustrating knowing Mitchell was serial. In our various chats he would boast about meetings with minor boys and even at one point provided a character with a toll free number he owned so that boys could call him at no charge!

    Our day finally came when Perverted-Justice entered Darke County Ohio. Mitchell obviously has been so successful meet minor boys from AOL that within our short conversation he was in the car driving to Darke County from Carmel, Indiana to meet my 14 year old character Vance. Unfortunately, Mitchell did not make it to the bust house. He apparently got lost and was pulled over by an Indiana State Trooper. This must have spooked him and he wanted to arrange another meet when he could see the roads during the day. However Darke County pursued the case working with Carmel, Indiana Police.

    Darke County successfully extradited Mitchell to face charges. This put the ball in motion as Carmel Police obtained a warrant for his computer where, of course, they found child pornography. After being convicted in Darke County, he was then extradited back to Carmel to face a one count charge for possession of child pornography.

    Obviously Glenn Mitchell did not learn his lesson and again support my firm belief these individuals cannot be rehabilitated.

    By Kelli Wynn
    Staff Writer
    Thursday, September 27, 2007

    GREENVILLE A man who was sentenced on felony charges stemming from a 2006 Internet sex sting in Darke County that was broadcast on the NBC's Dateline, was arrested by U.S. Marshals Thursday morning in Chicago.

    The Darke County Sheriff's Office contacted the Dayton office of the U.S. Marshals on Sept. 19 about an arrest warrant they had for Glenn Mitchell of 6942 South Wolcott Street in Chicago, according to William Taylor, supervisory deputy U.S. marshal at the Dayton office.

    Mitchell lived in Carmel, Ind. when he was sentenced in January to 94 days in jail for importuning.

    Darke County Common Pleas Court Judge Jonathan Hein classified Mitchell, then 53, as a child sexual predator, according to court records. Because of his classification, Mitchell must register with the sheriff's office in his county of residence every 90 days, for the rest of his life.

    Mitchell is expected to be extradited back to Darke County to face penalties stemming from him not being compliant with the court's order.

    Court records show that Mitchell was also sentenced to a \"community control sanction for a period of 36 months\" after his incarceration and ordered to pay over $1,900 in restitution to Darke County.

    No other details about his warrant were immediately available.
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    My many thanks to Darke County for convicting Mitchell. Equal thanks to Carmel, Indiana authorities and his new friends, the Federal Marshall's.

    This is our 302nd conviction since June of 2004 and our 41st conviction for 2008 thus far.