• Conviction - dsalyers167 - Newport, Michigan

    - Chatlog Conviction -
    File originally posted on 9/8/2008 8:12 AM PST [Link to File]
    Report made 9/8/2008 8:12 AM PST

    dsalyers167 (01/18/08 10:10:48 PM): oh ok so what u doin now?
    decoy name (01/18/08 10:11:31 PM): not much
    decoy name (01/18/08 10:11:36 PM): what you doing/
    dsalyers167 (01/18/08 10:12:14 PM): nm just watchin tv and talking to u!
    decoy name (01/18/08 10:12:49 PM): what did you dotoday?
    dsalyers167 (01/18/08 10:13:37 PM): did some laundry and just worked around the house
    decoy name (01/18/08 10:13:44 PM): k
    dsalyers167 (01/18/08 10:15:48 PM): so whats on ur mind tonight?
    decoy name (01/18/08 10:15:55 PM): i dont know
    decoy name (01/18/08 10:15:59 PM): what is on yours?
    dsalyers167 (01/18/08 10:16:13 PM): alot of things
    decoy name (01/18/08 10:16:18 PM): like what?
    dsalyers167 (01/18/08 10:16:44 PM): well u for one and some other things too
    decoy name (01/18/08 10:16:54 PM): me?
    decoy name (01/18/08 10:16:57 PM): really?
    dsalyers167 (01/18/08 10:17:07 PM): yea really
    decoy name (01/18/08 10:17:12 PM): wow
    dsalyers167 (01/18/08 10:17:40 PM): why u surprised?
    decoy name (01/18/08 10:17:55 PM): i dont know
    dsalyers167 (01/18/08 10:18:25 PM): oh ok
    decoy name (01/18/08 10:18:57 PM): so what were you thinking
    dsalyers167 (01/18/08 10:19:55 PM): well thought alot about how i can get in alot of trouble talking to u for one but the rest are good things

    When they know it, it makes the crime even worse.

    Don Salyers thought it was a good idea to hit up a young girl for sex. He knew he could get into trouble, he just didn't care. Those types of predators are always very annoying.

    Luckily, the cure for being annoyed is learning about jail time. Salyers will spend a year of his life sitting behind bars and the rest of his life as a registered sex offender. Congratulations, Don.

    Contributor notes from Marge Arita
    If there is such a thing as a needy groomer, that is what Don Salyers is. I met Don Salyers during the build up to our Michigan sting. Many pedophiles look for unhappy kids in single parent homes and then spend time making the kids comfortable. That is what grooming is and that is what Don Salyers did. Over and over he stated how he could go to jail and that he shouldn't be talking to a 13 year old girl. The chat was not sexually graphic.

    He was very careful about what he said. He spent more time telling my girl how much he liked her hair and her clothes, talking about music and offering to take her to concerts. But, he arrived at the bust house intending to have sex with a 13 year old girl.

    Don Salyer took a plea agreement and he plead guilty. He will spend 12 months in prison with credit for 3 days served. He will also have to register as a sex offender.

    There are so many people I would like to thank. First of all, to my wonderful verifier Misha, thank you so much for working with me on this case. You always do a great job. It is an honor to share this first conviction with you.

    Thank you to Michigan Attorney General Mike Cox for taking such a strong stance against Internet predators.

    To the Wayne County Sheriff's Office and the Van Buren Township Police thank you for everything, you all are awesome.

    Thank you to Maxwell House and Bic Mac. I spent a lot of time in their IMs leading up to the sting weekend and they are awesome teachers.

    Special thanks to Jay Alternative for his support as I waited for Don Salyers to arrive at the bust house.

    A special thank you to everyone at Perverted Justice that works behind the scenes. This really is a team effort and there are many who do not receive the recognition they deserve. You all know who you are. I am so proud of everything you do. And most of all, a special thank you to my family for their patience and understanding.

    This is our 293rd conviction since June of 2004 and our 32nd conviction for 2008 thus far.