• Conviction - spongebob_giantdick - Merriam, Kansas

    - Chatlog Conviction -
    File originally posted on 1/5/2005 9:33 PM PST [Link to File]
    Report made 6/1/2005 2:54 PM PST

    Today we had possibly our most unique conviction to date. It wasn't for child solicitation, but rather the threatening of site adminstration and contributor General Tso. After being posted on our website, Robert Francis was livid, like many are. So he, in his genius glory, decided to write an email threatening physical violence against site administrator Xavier Von Erck on January 10th, 2005. Soon after, he was visited by proactive Kansas detectives who questioned him about the solicitation of what he thought was a thirteen year old.

    Then, in infinite wisdom, he decided to send a SECOND physically threatening email, this time to site contributor General Tso. Tso informed the detectives of both emails, and "Spongebob_giantdick" better known as Robert Francis, was soon arrested and charged with two counts of felonious criminal threats with the intent to terrorize. Each email counted for one felonious criminal threat.

    Currently, we're posting this conviction from the Kansas City, Missouri airport, awaiting our flight home. Robert Francis had hinged his bets on our not arriving, and he came up wrong. Both Xavier and Tso arrived, and before testimony even started, Francis was asking for a plea agreement. Originally he was offered attempted criminal solicitation before our arrival, but since the state went to the expense of our travel, the plea agreement was bumped up to one count of felonious criminal threats, WITH... and this is the best part, a clause that he attend sexual offender counseling. Francis was eager to agree to the plea, and now will spend quite a while under the watchful eye of Kansas psychiatrists and law enforcement to ensure that he toes the line.

    A few words from the contributor on the case, General Tso:
    Francis was quite the piece of work. He was sitting there in court wearing a grey t-shirt and jeans, a visor, and a very unhappy look about him. He was called to the table by his attorney and continued to wear his visor, which his attorney had to instruct him to take off. I know that he's 34. He looked 19, and had a very decidedly angry way of carrying himself. I'm glad I didn't see the glare that reportedly came our direction when he went up there. I was busy talking to the wonderful detective I worked with in this case, as he had been called to testify as well.

    As we watched the plea being entered, a small glimmer of fear entered my brain as I realized how many times the judge was explaining the plea and what he was agreeing to, and that this was probably a part of acceptance of a plea agreement in most, if not all, cases. I was honestly afraid he was going to change his mind. I wanted to yell "Don't let him change his mind!" But he didn't. He stayed the course and entered a plea of guilty, mumbling his way through it.

    I'd like to say "Thanks" to the wonderful law enforcement in Kansas who helped so much with this case and to the amazing DA who still managed to tack on something to address the problem that initially got him to court in the first place. It's been great seeing it through and I cannot wait to do it again.

    The arrangements for our travel were spotless, the detective quite friendly and the DA very well-prepared. All in all, it was the definition of smooth and speedy justice, and we were glad to see this case through to finality.

    Hopefully sexual offender counseling and a very stringent probation will keep Robert Francis out of chat-rooms and away from continuing a life of scummy threats and bluster. Just another testimony to the lengths and travel we will go to, and undertake, in order to work with LE and get dangerous people under their watch.