• Conviction - guy_from_mars83 - Riverside, California

    - Chatlog Conviction -
    File originally posted on 12/14/2009 2:14 PM PST [Link to File]
    Report made 12/14/2009 2:14 PM PST

    guy_from_mars83 (2:24:50 AM): asl?
    juliegrrrrrl (2:24:51 AM): asl?
    juliegrrrrrl (2:24:55 AM): lol
    juliegrrrrrl (2:25:00 AM): 12 f riverside
    juliegrrrrrl (2:25:02 AM): u?
    guy_from_mars83 (2:25:09 AM): ewww....thats young
    guy_from_mars83 (2:25:19 AM): what are u doing in this dirty room...lol
    juliegrrrrrl (2:25:24 AM): haha
    guy_from_mars83 (2:25:30 AM): 23 m riverside
    juliegrrrrrl (2:25:35 AM): kewl
    guy_from_mars83 (2:25:59 AM): u look very sweet
    juliegrrrrrl (2:26:08 AM): awww thx
    guy_from_mars83 (2:26:25 AM): so go to school?
    juliegrrrrrl (2:26:41 AM): ya
    guy_from_mars83 (2:26:50 AM): nice...
    guy_from_mars83 (2:26:58 AM): what u want to be when u \"grow up\"
    juliegrrrrrl (2:27:13 AM): lol a woman
    guy_from_mars83 (2:27:29 AM): really
    juliegrrrrrl (2:27:40 AM): ya really
    guy_from_mars83 (2:27:42 AM): controlling one?
    guy_from_mars83 (2:27:45 AM): or....nice one?
    Nice = submissive. Real enlightened predator.

    Inderjeet Singh was arrested as part of the Riverside, California sting in January of 2006. Justice moves slowly in that part of the world, and he only finally came to trial in late October 2009. A jury found him guilty of attempted lewd act with a child under 14 years of age. He was sentenced to 180 days in jail, 36 months probation, significant fines, registration as a sex offender, sex offender treatment, and a very long list of restrictions including submitting a DNA sample, submitting to random searches, and not associating with minors or visiting areas where minors congregate.

    The contributor for this chat was Mickey Finn. Amethyst Cats was the verifier for this case.

    This is our 486th conviction since June of 2004, our 181st conviction for 2009, and our 122nd conviction in California thus far.