• Conviction - alanp110 - Mercer, Pennsylvania

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    File originally posted on 11/9/2009 11:45 PM PST [Link to File]
    Report made 11/9/2009 11:45 PM PST

    alanp110 (06/30/08 11:30:31 PM): your mom working tonight
    Decoy (06/30/08 11:30:44 PM): ya
    Decoy (06/30/08 11:30:48 PM): y?
    alanp110 (06/30/08 11:30:57 PM): just wondered
    alanp110 (06/30/08 11:31:04 PM): no reason
    Decoy (06/30/08 11:32:03 PM): lol k
    Decoy (06/30/08 11:32:15 PM): watcha doin u seem like ur busy?
    alanp110 (06/30/08 11:32:26 PM): is she hot like you lol
    Decoy (06/30/08 11:32:34 PM): my mom?
    alanp110 (06/30/08 11:32:48 PM): not busy on ebay looking at things
    alanp110 (06/30/08 11:32:52 PM): ya
    Decoy (06/30/08 11:32:52 PM): oh
    Decoy (06/30/08 11:32:57 PM): ewww no
    Decoy (06/30/08 11:33:03 PM): my mom is kinda fat
    alanp110 (06/30/08 11:33:25 PM): lol your not nice
    Decoy (06/30/08 11:33:32 PM): u asked
    alanp110 (06/30/08 11:33:38 PM): i know
    Decoy (06/30/08 11:33:52 PM): lol
    Decoy (06/30/08 11:33:57 PM): watcha lookin 4 on ebay?
    alanp110 (06/30/08 11:34:43 PM): 12 yr old girls =))
    That is beyond creepy even by PeeJ predator standards.

    Alan Francis Persch Jr. was arrested in the summer of 2008 in Clarion County, Pennsylvania, when he arranged a meeting with what he thought was a 12 year old girl. He pled guilty to a felony charge of Criminal Solicitation - Statutory Sexual Assault, and he received 12-24 months in jail. We do not know whether or not he had to register as a sex offender, so feel free to e-mail administration if you know more about this disturbing man's sentence.

    Contributor notes from Silver Jordan
    Alan F. Persch, Jr. contacted my decoy profile while I was trolling the Pennsylvania rooms. He is a 45 year old man who had no qualms about raping a completely inexperienced 12 year old girl. His only concern was if "I" was going to send him to jail. Of course I won't! ... Oh... Wait. Yes I will! Alan showed up to molest this child in a very public place. He wanted to meet near the bathrooms in a shopping mall. Gee, does this sound familiar? Alan wanted to have sex with this child *in* his truck, outside the mall. No one could possibly see there, right? What a romantic; every girl dreams of losing her virginity to a fat old man in a pickup truck in the parking lot of a shopping mall!

    Alan showed up just as planned. What he hadn't told me was that he had a rather severe form of diabetes that prevented him from getting an erection. He brought with him injectable medication that would allow him to achieve an erection and rape a very young girl. Sickening, Alan. Truly sickening. Alan entered a guilty plea to the charge of Criminal Solicitation/Statutory Sexual Assault and was sentenced to 12-24 months incarceration. My thanks to Sheriff William Peck and Detective Beverly Voris. It was a true pleasure to work with you to bring Alan to justice.

    This is our 405th conviction since June of 2004, our 101st conviction for 2009, and our 4th conviction in Pennsylvania thus far.