• Conviction - tattooedman73 - Florence, Mississippi

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    File originally posted on 11/17/2009 9:58 PM PST [Link to File]
    Report made 11/17/2009 9:58 PM PST

    tattooedman73 (3:01:45 PM): i just wanna meet you
    tattooedman73 (3:03:48 PM): you here
    taytertot601 (3:05:21 PM): yah im here
    tattooedman73 (3:05:56 PM): i thought i lost you
    taytertot601 (3:06:27 PM): ex is callin again......hes still wantin 2 come over.....so i dunno cus u wanna come over but i kinda wanna see my ex 2
    tattooedman73 (3:06:55 PM): i treat you better then him
    tattooedman73 (3:08:10 PM): i'll do anything you want
    tattooedman73 (3:08:52 PM): please dont leave me
    tattooedman73 (3:11:52 PM): hey
    tattooedman73 (3:12:48 PM): please please talk to me
    taytertot601 (3:16:26 PM): well i know what he wants an that dont bother me its just that hell be a jerk afterwards
    tattooedman73 (3:17:09 PM): well thats why i need to come over cause i;ll respect you
    tattooedman73 (3:17:47 PM): treat you the way you should be treated
    taytertot601 (3:18:13 PM): ur like wantin 2 be my bf or somethin?
    tattooedman73 (3:18:34 PM): maybe
    taytertot601 (3:18:43 PM): o ok....thats knida how ur talkin
    taytertot601 (3:18:47 PM): i didnt know
    tattooedman73 (3:20:28 PM): well let me come see you
    taytertot601 (3:21:19 PM): why u want 2 come over so bad?
    tattooedman73 (3:21:39 PM): i wanna see you
    taytertot601 (3:22:12 PM): but u dont know me
    tattooedman73 (3:22:49 PM): thats why i wanna see you so we could hang out and get to know each other
    taytertot601 (3:23:20 PM): wile watchin porn? lol
    tattooedman73 (3:25:06 PM): we dont have to watch porn
    taytertot601 (3:26:03 PM): well i dont mind......id unno im just nervos
    tattooedman73 (3:26:42 PM): im really a nice guy
    tattooedman73 (3:28:13 PM): please i'll do anything you want
    Good lord, regardless of the age of the female he's speaking to, that is one pathetic man. And in this case, pathetic, disgusting man.

    Johnny Chain was arrested as part of our summer, 2006 sting in Jackson, Mississippi. Chain initially planned to fight the case and go to trial, but presumably he didn't want to have his pathetic chatlog read aloud in court. Instead, he pled guilty and was sentenced to one year in jail, with credit for time served. Now he gets to have this pathetic chatlog follow him around as additional punishment.

    The contributor for this chat was Wendy.

    This is our 427th conviction since June of 2004, our 123rd conviction for 2009, and our 4th conviction in Mississippi thus far.