• Conviction - skargakos - waterville, Maine

    - Chatlog Conviction -
    File originally posted on 11/16/2009 10:59 PM PST [Link to File]
    Report made 11/16/2009 10:59 PM PST

    skargakos (06/04/08 9:50:17 PM): nite babe
    kcmasterpiece (06/04/08 9:50:26 PM): nite shawn
    kcmasterpiece (06/04/08 9:50:32 PM): talk to u tomorrow
    skargakos (06/04/08 9:50:42 PM): love you
    kcmasterpiece (06/04/08 9:50:48 PM): love u too
    skargakos (06/04/08 9:50:50 PM): ok
    kcmasterpiece (06/04/08 9:50:55 PM): :-*
    kcmasterpiece (06/04/08 9:51:00 PM): lol
    skargakos (06/04/08 9:51:04 PM): >:D<:-*
    skargakos (06/04/08 9:51:44 PM): we will have a kid
    kcmasterpiece (06/04/08 9:51:55 PM): u want to
    kcmasterpiece (06/04/08 9:51:58 PM): i like kids
    kcmasterpiece (06/04/08 9:52:01 PM): alot
    skargakos (06/04/08 9:52:18 PM): we can start sat
    kcmasterpiece (06/04/08 9:52:27 PM): start what
    skargakos (06/04/08 9:52:42 PM): have a kid
    kcmasterpiece (06/04/08 9:52:50 PM): oh
    kcmasterpiece (06/04/08 9:52:51 PM): lol
    skargakos (06/04/08 9:53:18 PM): i will cum inside you
    kcmasterpiece (06/04/08 9:53:25 PM): u will
    kcmasterpiece (06/04/08 9:54:06 PM): u want me to have a kid now
    skargakos (06/04/08 9:54:26 PM): yes

    Shawn Kargakos was arrested in the summer of 2008 for criminal attempt - sexual abuse of a minor. He had already been on probation for arson, which makes him an especially disturbing example of a career predator. He pled guilty and received 364 days in jail, as well as registration as a sex offender. Another great example of our IF work across the country.

    Contributor notes from KC Masterpiece
    Skargakos AKA Shawn Kargakos age 37 of Waterville, Maine hit me up in a Maine Yahoo chat room on 6/1/08. He wasted no time in letting his intentions known. Not only did he want to have sex with my “kid”, sent self-porn, he also wanted my “kid” to run away from home and move in with him. He even wanted me to ask my “Dad” for gas money. I offered $4 for gas, which he fully intended to take. Didn’t quite work out that way. He was arrested on 6/7/08

    On 6/8/08 I received a call from Det. Stubbert filling me in on how things went regarding this bust. My perv punched the Chief of Police in the face; of course he was taken down lol. He has 5 children from different women, does not have to pay child support because he's on SSI, on parole for arson due to trying to burn down the house of a girlfriend, something to do with that child, served 18 months of a three years sentence so he'll definitely return for busting parole and was not even supposed to be around anyone under the age of 18. A true piece of work. They were all very pleased to get this guy.

    On 7/10/08 he plead guilty of the offense: sexual offense of a minor and was sentenced to 364 days in jail. This information appears on the Maine Sex Offender Registry.

    My thanks to the Detective Rick Stubbert with the Oakland, Maine Police Department.

    I also want to thank Misha for another great verification.

    This is our 425th conviction since June of 2004, our 121st conviction for 2009, and our 5th conviction in Maine thus far.