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    jstforfun007 (11/12/06 12:44:16 AM): so you had sex yet? or no
    daddys_cutie_petutie (11/12/06 12:44:25 AM): maybe
    daddys_cutie_petutie (11/12/06 12:44:26 AM): ;)
    daddys_cutie_petutie (11/12/06 12:44:33 AM): but that sorta totally falls under the kiss and tell thing
    daddys_cutie_petutie (11/12/06 12:44:35 AM): lol
    jstforfun007 (11/12/06 12:44:40 AM): geesh,,,, ok so no!! and thats ok
    daddys_cutie_petutie (11/12/06 12:44:57 AM): um
    daddys_cutie_petutie (11/12/06 12:45:03 AM): where'd u get no from that?
    jstforfun007 (11/12/06 12:45:43 AM): I think you have messed around but not went all the way!
    daddys_cutie_petutie (11/12/06 12:46:35 AM): i think u're sorta wrong
    daddys_cutie_petutie (11/12/06 12:46:36 AM): like
    daddys_cutie_petutie (11/12/06 12:46:48 AM): i haven't done EVERYTHING
    jstforfun007 (11/12/06 12:46:50 AM): :D
    daddys_cutie_petutie (11/12/06 12:46:51 AM): but i've gon all the way
    daddys_cutie_petutie (11/12/06 12:46:53 AM): gone
    jstforfun007 (11/12/06 12:47:19 AM): and no orgasm (( can;t trust those young guys to satisfy you
    daddys_cutie_petutie (11/12/06 12:48:49 AM): i know
    daddys_cutie_petutie (11/12/06 12:48:50 AM): lol
    daddys_cutie_petutie (11/12/06 12:48:51 AM): ;)
    jstforfun007 (11/12/06 12:48:56 AM): so next after I undress you and kiss you all over would youlike me to lick your pussy? and make her quiver!!
    daddys_cutie_petutie (11/12/06 12:49:13 AM): that could be cool
    daddys_cutie_petutie (11/12/06 12:49:18 AM): but only if u really meant it
    jstforfun007 (11/12/06 12:49:38 AM): that would be the first thing I would do!
    jstforfun007 (11/12/06 12:49:49 AM): I bet you taste amazing
    And I know you're disgusting.

    Michael Wayne Collins was arrested as part of our Flagler Beach, Florida sting in December of 2006. He was already on house arrest for another crime, yet he apparently still thought it was wise to go visit the home of an underage girl to rape her. It took over two and a half years for him to plea, and he pled no contest. Color me crazy, but if you've fought it for 2.5 years, you've already contested it. He received ten years probation with a long list of sex offender restrictions and he had to register as a sex offender, something he very much feared.

    Contributor notes from Malibu Breeze
    Michael Wayne Collins lied about his age. He took a whole decade off of his age. He forgot to mention he was on house arrest. Then he stood us up... twice. He finally showed, I'm guessing when he figured he could explain away the hours he was away from the house. Little did he know that he would get his very own set of silver bracelets to match his house arrest anklet.

    After fighting for two years, Collins finally accepted a plea bargain. The bone of contention? He didn't want to be registered as a sex offender. Guess what Mike? YOU ARE.

    I am very grateful to all of the law enforcement and PeeJ members involved in this operation.

    This is our 436th conviction since June of 2004, our 132nd conviction for 2009, and our 30th conviction in Florida thus far.