• Conviction - Antitrust40242 - Flagler Beach, Florida

    - Chatlog Conviction -
    File originally posted on 1/7/2008 9:56 PM PST [Link to File]
    Report made 1/7/2008 9:56 PM PST

    Antitrust40242 [06:56 PM]: i jus want to meet and mess around
    Antitrust40242 [06:56 PM]: no drama
    13-year-old boy [06:56 PM]: aite
    13-year-old boy [06:56 PM]: i aint done alot tho
    13-year-old boy [06:56 PM]: as far as messin around
    Antitrust40242 [06:56 PM]: we dont have to meet
    Antitrust40242 [06:57 PM]: what have u done
    13-year-old boy [06:57 PM]: well no i want to it
    13-year-old boy [06:57 PM]: i have kissed n jack off with another guy
    Antitrust40242 [06:57 PM]: what do u want
    13-year-old boy [06:57 PM]: well i rlly liked doin that it was so hot
    13-year-old boy [06:57 PM]: what do u like doin?
    Antitrust40242 [06:58 PM]: i guess givin head
    13-year-old boy [06:58 PM]: ohhh sweet cuz im like the last guy in my school to not gotten head yet
    Antitrust40242 [06:59 PM]: so name a place to meet
    13-year-old boy [06:59 PM]: my crib
    Antitrust40242 [06:59 PM]: nope
    Antitrust40242 [06:59 PM]: im scared
    13-year-old boy [07:00 PM]: about what
    Antitrust40242 [07:00 PM]: gettin in troiuble

    Gee, wonder why he doesn't want to meet at a house?

    Samuel Harrison thought he'd be safe if he didn't meet at a house, I guess someone has been watching TV. However, as any internet predator, Samuel Harrison isn't safe meeting anywhere. Harrison was arrested by the Flagler Beach police department during our Flagler Beach TCAP sting operation.

    Samuel was sentenced to 13 months prison followed by 5 years sex offender probation. He was designated a sexual offender and will have to comply with Florida's reporting requirements as a registered sex offender. Another good sentence over in Flagler Beach, they're doing something very good over there!

    Contributor notes from Don Pedro
    One of the criticisms leveled at us has been that we are \"importing\" these predators from outside the area that we are conducting the sting in. Not only is that argument incredibly stupid and moronic, it's not even true. During this Flagler Beach sting I had two local guys show up; Samuel here lived about four miles from the sting house in the very same city!

    He was very paranoid during the chat, knowing what he was doing was incredibly wrong and illegal. In the end, his compulsion to meet a young boy for sex overcame his paranoia, and he showed up at the house to be arrested. Samuel pleaded guilty because he probably knew the case against him was airtight. He will have a decent amount of time to spend in jail thinking about what he did, too.

    Thanks are due to the Flagler Beach PD and the Flagler County DA's office. It was a pleasure working with them throughout the entire process.

    This is our 263rd conviction since June of 2004 and our 1st conviction for 2008 thus far! Luckily, we're only seven days into it.