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    rn_buzzkiller2003 (01/03/07 8:55:01 PM): u want any tats or piercings?
    Shelly (01/03/07 8:55:16 PM): ya i want 2 peirce my belly button lol
    Shelly (01/03/07 8:55:24 PM): mebbe a lil one on my nose
    Shelly (01/03/07 8:55:31 PM): not sure about tats tho
    rn_buzzkiller2003 (01/03/07 8:55:39 PM): belly button is sexy as hell
    Shelly (01/03/07 8:55:54 PM): ya i wnat 1 real bad
    Shelly (01/03/07 8:56:00 PM): but my mom wont let me duh
    Shelly (01/03/07 8:56:01 PM): lol
    Shelly (01/03/07 8:56:10 PM): u got any piercings?
    rn_buzzkiller2003 (01/03/07 8:56:39 PM): nah wouldn't know where to put one
    Shelly (01/03/07 8:56:43 PM): lol
    Shelly (01/03/07 8:56:50 PM): eyebrows r kewl
    Shelly (01/03/07 8:56:57 PM): on a dude
    rn_buzzkiller2003 (01/03/07 8:57:40 PM): where u located?
    Shelly (01/03/07 8:57:53 PM): walpole
    Shelly (01/03/07 8:57:54 PM): u?
    rn_buzzkiller2003 (01/03/07 8:58:04 PM): woodsville
    Shelly (01/03/07 8:59:15 PM): wheres that?
    rn_buzzkiller2003 (01/03/07 8:59:22 PM): up 91 like an hour
    Shelly (01/03/07 8:59:28 PM): oic
    rn_buzzkiller2003 (01/03/07 9:00:07 PM): so does a 13 yr old have a sex drive?

    Sex drive? No, we prefer having a conviction sail! Okay, yeah, that was lame to type. Oh well!

    Eric Blaisdell found a lot of law enforcement, and us! And due to that, he was charged with multiple cases of child solicitation. He was part of quite a few people that hit up our contributor while she was working with the Walpole, NH police department.

    Blaisdell was sentenced to a year in jail, four years probation and registration as a sex offender. The best part about his probation is that he can't have contact with kids and can't use the internet under the terms. Good stuff.

    Contributor notes from Chandra Chai
    Some predators say it's the first time they've ever done this when they get caught. Well, Eric here sure can't say that. After standing my Walpole, NH law enforcement friends and me up twice, Eric got himself arrested in a different law enforcement sting. Articles posted about that sting can be found on our forums: http://www.pjfi.org/office/showthread.php?t=70198&highlight=Eric+Blaisdell

    Grafton County decided to prosecute him for our case in addition to the charges stemming from his arrest in the Southern Hillsborough County Cybersafe Task Force sting. I had the pleasure of meeting and working with Sgt. Cecil Smith of the Haverhill Police Department and Grafton County Prosecuting Attorney Melissa Pierce. They are true professionals as are all the people I have worked with in New Hampshire. I'm glad they are there to help protect our children.

    This is our 278th conviction since June of 2004 and our 16th conviction for 2008 thus far.