• Conviction - ArmySgt1961 - Reading, Ohio

    - Chatlog Conviction -
    File originally posted on 11/23/2007 4:59 AM PST [Link to File]
    Report made 11/23/2007 4:59 AM PST

    ArmySgt1961 (7:07:11 PM): U SEND YOURS
    PeekaBoo1293 (7:07:25 PM): brb im not very good at this yet ill sendf
    ArmySgt1961 (7:08:48 PM): SURE
    7:10:17 PM armysgt1961: NICE U HAVE ANY NAKED ONES
    7:10:54 PM peekaboo1293: well no silly
    7:10:56 PM peekaboo1293: hehehe
    7:11:23 PM peekaboo1293: my dad sent me a web cam tho and mom broke it with a hammer and scremed at me
    7:12:09 PM peekaboo1293: no i was just talkin to dad and she hatez him
    7:12:24 PM armysgt1961: OH SO U DIDNT GET DIRTY ON CAM
    7:12:40 PM peekaboo1293: i only had it 2 dayz b4 she found it
    7:12:45 PM armysgt1961: OH
    7:12:54 PM armysgt1961: SO U HAVE BIG TITS
    7:13:01 PM peekaboo1293: no
    7:13:11 PM armysgt1961: U SHAVE

    The chat always goes fast when a predator hits up those three chat cornerstones in a mere five minutes.

    Dennis Wissel hit up our decoy during our Kentucky sting operation. Wissel now regrets that with every fiber of his being. He showed at our Kentucky sting house, was arrested and all that good stuff. On the way from Ohio, he crossed a state line. Oops, that meant Federal court for Dennis.

    Dennis Wissel's chat was twenty five minutes long. He received seven years in federal prison, lifetime probation, registration as a sex offender and all the usual restrictions. For his 25 minutes of disgusting chat with what he thought was a minor female, he will spend a total of 3,679,200 minutes in jail. Yep, 3.67 million minutes. That's 147,168 minutes in jail for each minute of chat he had.

    Now that's a sentence we like.

    Contributor notes from Duncan Hines
    Army Sgt. Dennis Wissel, 48, of Reading, OH, hit my \"kid\" personna last April. Unlike most perverts I've dealt with, Wissel was a fast mover. He also seemed very sure that his tactics for getting the child to have sex with him would work for him. He offered the child a $50 phone card just to have oral sex and of course he was bringing condoms in case she decided she wanted to have fun.

    The more I thought about that, the madder I got. If Wissel could get a child to accept what would seem like a lot of money to a kid, then the kid wouldn't dare tell on him. He was given an address in Kentucky. From the time of the phone call it was only 45 minutes until he showed up, condoms and phone card in hand. That made for nice evidence.

    Wissel was charged in federal court because he had crossed a state line to get to the child. On the day he was sentenced, he was allowed to make a statement in court. At that time he bragged about loving his country, being a hero in Iraq, etc. Maybe he peels a mean potato because Wissel the hero was an army cook. He had bragged because he was in the army the judge would only give him 48 months but that he was going to receive time served, time off for his army service and possibly the judge would just give him probation.

    In reality, Dennis M. Wissel received 84 months (7 years) in federal prison, and the judge ordered him to be on probation for the rest of his life, plus all the sex offender restrictions.

    This is our 239th conviction since June of 2004 and our 118th conviction for 2007 so far.