• Conviction - darkguyx31 - Kingston, North Carolina

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    File originally posted on 11/4/2009 8:27 PM PST [Link to File]
    Report made 11/4/2009 8:27 PM PST

    jewelykool (08/10/06 8:11:09 PM): u work 4 ur dad?
    darkguyx31 (08/10/06 8:11:42 PM): yeah that right
    jewelykool (08/10/06 8:11:52 PM): thats cool
    jewelykool (08/10/06 8:11:54 PM): u have car?
    darkguyx31 (08/10/06 8:12:36 PM): ofc i have a car and alot money
    jewelykool (08/10/06 8:12:53 PM): hey thats cool
    jewelykool (08/10/06 8:12:59 PM): u dont have gf?
    darkguyx31 (08/10/06 8:13:46 PM): well i am very indepencement person
    darkguyx31 (08/10/06 8:13:50 PM): as pleasure
    jewelykool (08/10/06 8:14:02 PM): what u mean as pleasure?
    darkguyx31 (08/10/06 8:14:32 PM): like secret lover
    jewelykool (08/10/06 8:14:46 PM): o u have gf as secret lover?
    darkguyx31 (08/10/06 8:15:19 PM): nope..but you get my attention alot
    darkguyx31 (08/10/06 8:15:22 PM): but i did talked to few
    darkguyx31 (08/10/06 8:15:27 PM): but i found you
    jewelykool (08/10/06 8:15:28 PM): awww tku!
    jewelykool (08/10/06 8:15:34 PM): yep u did!
    darkguyx31 (08/10/06 8:15:38 PM): and ur sexy lip...make me..feel lust on ur ass
    I guess that is supposed to be complimentary? I suppose if he was good with women, he wouldn't be online trying to molest children.

    Jimmy Lamont Britt Jr. decided it was best to avoid the harsh eyes of a jury and pled guilty to a charge of \"assault on a female.\" He received 24 months of supervised probation with the usual restrictions, such as not being able to use internet chat rooms during that period of time. Ideally we would have liked a stronger sentence, but that's the nature of plea agreements, and we hope Britt will not attempt to molest another minor in the future.

    The contributor for this chat was Mimosa.

    This is our 383rd conviction since June of 2004, our 79th conviction for 2009, and our 4th conviction in North Carolina thus far.