• Conviction - sebastian_calif - Los Angeles, California

    - Chatlog Conviction -
    File originally posted on 7/16/2007 9:45 AM PST [Link to File]
    Report made 7/16/2007 9:45 AM PST

    sebastian_calif (09/07/06 11:36:14 PM): do you have a round ass?
    Decoy Name (09/07/06 11:36:38 PM): it kinda round yeah
    Decoy Name (09/07/06 11:36:44 PM): it aint like a booty girl lol
    sebastian_calif (09/07/06 11:36:49 PM): lol
    sebastian_calif (09/07/06 11:37:07 PM): but will you let me kiss it and lick it?
    Decoy Name (09/07/06 11:37:37 PM): lol u wouldnt do that why u even ask?
    sebastian_calif (09/07/06 11:37:47 PM): I promise to do
    sebastian_calif (09/07/06 11:37:56 PM): honestly I enjoy doing it
    Decoy Name (09/07/06 11:38:01 PM): lol sure id like u do that why not? if it dont hurt it all good
    sebastian_calif (09/07/06 11:38:14 PM): I am very gentle
    sebastian_calif (09/07/06 11:38:22 PM): I lick you everywhere
    Decoy Name (09/07/06 11:38:26 PM): cool
    sebastian_calif (09/07/06 11:38:30 PM): and then you can lick me
    Decoy Name (09/07/06 11:38:38 PM): thats cool if u nice to me id be nice back sure
    sebastian_calif (09/07/06 11:38:47 PM): I promise
    Decoy Name (09/07/06 11:38:52 PM): cool
    sebastian_calif (09/07/06 11:39:14 PM): I like to keep your panty so I can taste you later
    sebastian_calif (09/07/06 11:39:35 PM): so wear your panty all day long

    Yeah, okay.

    Ramin Sarajari showed up to the Long Beach, California sting operation and was promptly arrested. His chat-log is pretty vile. Of course, that's no matter since he got the Long Beach Special of sixty days caltrans community service, three years formal probation, fines and fees, sex offender counseling and lifetime registration as a sex offender.

    Still, a conviction is a conviction, we don't make the sentences.

    Contributor notes from Xavier Von Erck
    Best part of this file is the first verifier call. You can hear her ring-tone which is from \"A Fistful of Dollars\", a great western. Though not as good as For a Few Dollars more, I must point out.

    Anyways, as soon as I saw the word \"Sebastian\", I actually thought this guy was an individual I had gotten arrested a couple weeks earlier as that guy as well had the screenname \"Sebastian\" included.

    However, he wasn't. He was a different \"Sebastian.\" Of course, both ended up wanting the same thing, more or less. While I'm as usual tremendously disdainful of the lack of jail time, I'm even more disdainful of it in this case. He wants to take her panties home so he can have sex with them later. He goes back to sex talk even when I actually try to change the subject. Sex offender registration is great and all and I love convictions, but c'mon already.

    Hopefully this sentence is enough to ensure that Ramin stays off the internet, but if he doesn't... I'm sure one of us will be bored to tears anew by his single-minded obsession on all things sexual. Ramin is my twelfth conviction which is a nice number indeed. Twelve convictions, no acquittals.

    This is our 202nd conviction since June of 2004 and our 81st conviction for 2007 so far.