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    perfect_buddy_ga (07/19/06 11:13:20 PM): You can add that name if you want also
    perfect_buddy_ga (07/19/06 11:13:24 PM): I am on it a lot
    maddiegurl92 (07/19/06 11:14:06 PM): lol i can only handle yahoo rite now
    maddiegurl92 (07/19/06 11:14:33 PM): but give me ur scr name and i will try to figure it out tomorrow?
    perfect_buddy_ga (07/19/06 11:14:50 PM): yea it is yahoo
    perfect_buddy_ga (07/19/06 11:14:56 PM): C_Gr23Eazy
    perfect_buddy_ga (07/19/06 11:15:06 PM): Street Slang for my name
    maddiegurl92 (07/19/06 11:15:22 PM): lol i dont get it?
    perfect_buddy_ga (07/19/06 11:15:38 PM): my name is cody green
    perfect_buddy_ga (07/19/06 11:15:55 PM): Being Greazy and living in the South is like something that was thought of highly

    Uh, what?

    Cody Michael Green posted bond after his arrest when he showed up at our sting house. He was still awaiting trial a year later when he was re-arrested for exposing himself to an 8-year-old at a swimming pool. He was charged with child molestation in that case, which of course revoked his bond on his previous arrest. Cody went to jail, went directly to jail, and did not collect $200.

    Cody finally decided to plead guilty in our case, and received a sentence of three years in prison followed by 12 years on probation and registration as a sex offender.

    This is our 554th conviction since June of 2004.