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    File originally posted on 6/9/2006 7:25 PM PST [Link to File]
    Report made 6/9/2006 8:41 PM PST

    tucsftcoach (7:03:09 PM): i used to get emails direct from all posts but some had kiddie porn in them
    a_dark_angel_2005 (7:03:23 PM): eww gross
    a_dark_angel_2005 (7:03:36 PM): lil kids?
    tucsftcoach (7:03:53 PM): mostly like 9-13 giving bjs or beinf licked
    a_dark_angel_2005 (7:04:33 PM): oh i thought younger
    tucsftcoach (7:04:40 PM): no
    tucsftcoach (7:04:47 PM): some doing sex
    a_dark_angel_2005 (7:04:54 PM): 9?
    a_dark_angel_2005 (7:04:56 PM): wow
    tucsftcoach (7:05:01 PM): yes
    a_dark_angel_2005 (7:05:17 PM): i never did it til i was 13
    tucsftcoach (7:05:25 PM): kool
    tucsftcoach (7:06:31 PM): i let my niece do it she was 11
    a_dark_angel_2005 (7:06:57 PM): wow
    a_dark_angel_2005 (7:07:11 PM): u did it with her
    tucsftcoach (7:07:25 PM): just finger her and she sucked me omg it was so hot

    Last year we teamed up with Tucson area station KVOA for a Group Media Bust. It turned out to be the last non-LE group media sting we did. During the sting, William Corbett aka tucsftcoach hit up site contributor Icarus. Corbett wasn't able to arrive during the weekend, but we were able to work with Tucson police in order to get him arrested later on.

    After Corbett's arrest, women started coming out of the woodwork telling their story of victimization by Corbett. It turned out that Corbett has had a 30 year history of molestation against young females. The most sickening part of the Corbett story highlights one of the inadequacies of the justice system. Corbett admitted in his chat with our decoy that he molested a niece when she was 11. Turned out that a niece would come forward, without knowing about this admission and Corbett was charged. Unfortunately, Corbett was acquitted in that case. The chat-log where Corbett admitted his act was barred from being told to the jury.

    Disgusting miscarriage of justice.

    Still, Corbett faced more charges and another trial due to his solicitation of Icarus. Today he was convicted by a jury for those crimes.

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    Notes from the Contributor, Icarus
    The results aren't quite what we were all hoping for but Corbett has finally been found guilty. This is one of the worst people I have ever chatted with. The shame is that even after admitting to me and in his intital interview after his arrest that he did molest his niece, a jury still found him not guilty last week.

    We can at least take solace that he has been exposed and only hope that the judge gives him the max. He has a long history of abuse, including a woman who came forward after 30 years.

    I want to thank the whole KVOA team for having us out there. Without them, William Corbett may have never been caught. And as always, special props to Wyldkat for the verification call. Our verifiers are the best!

    This is our 60th conviction since June of 2004 and our 20th conviction for the year 2006 thus far. This also marks a new state, as it's our first conviction in Arizona. That makes 27 states our organization has aided convictions in. Arizona was especially tough to crack due to the lack of proactivity from certain elected members of law enforcement in the state itself, along with some horrible case precedents. Along with Maryland, Arizona is one of the most backwards states when it comes to internet child sex predators.

    Special thanks to KVOA Tucson for inviting us into the state and making this possible, recently they won a local Edward R. Murrow award for the sting they did with us, and they deserved the honors. They've stood out among local news stations we've worked with as being especially proactive and aggressive when it comes to these stories.