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    File originally posted on 6/5/2007 3:33 PM PST [Link to File]
    Report made 6/5/2007 3:33 PM PST

    wolf220024 (2:52:30 PM): i do but then i think about the past
    lizfizz420 (2:52:38 PM): wat past?
    wolf220024 (2:53:01 PM): like one time i talk to a girl and then some guy call me saying he was a cop
    wolf220024 (2:53:29 PM): i think her stepdad got in her comp and found my numberand what we talked
    lizfizz420 (2:53:51 PM): no law against chattin
    lizfizz420 (2:53:57 PM): why wuld cops call u
    wolf220024 (2:54:22 PM): i know it was probably her dad or it was a guy all along
    lizfizz420 (2:54:36 PM): somebody playin a prank on u i bet
    wolf220024 (2:54:53 PM): well they new what we talked about in details
    lizfizz420 (2:55:20 PM): well i dunno but if it was cops how come they didnt bust u
    wolf220024 (2:55:32 PM): i know
    wolf220024 (2:55:39 PM): but i never met her
    wolf220024 (2:56:01 PM): even when i met the girl in tx i was nervous lol
    wolf220024 (2:56:08 PM): and i had seen her on cam
    lizfizz420 (2:56:36 PM): she was like my age or older
    wolf220024 (2:57:00 PM): shes underage
    lizfizz420 (2:57:28 PM): so did u make it with her? im jealous lol
    wolf220024 (2:57:38 PM): make it?
    wolf220024 (2:57:46 PM): do it u mean
    lizfizz420 (2:57:48 PM): u know
    lizfizz420 (2:57:49 PM): yea
    wolf220024 (2:57:52 PM): yeah
    lizfizz420 (2:58:08 PM): now im relly jealous :-(
    wolf220024 (2:58:12 PM): dont be
    wolf220024 (2:58:22 PM): we not gona see again
    wolf220024 (2:58:38 PM): plus ur closer ;;)
    lizfizz420 (2:58:50 PM): oh u went all the way to texas?
    wolf220024 (2:58:56 PM): yes
    lizfizz420 (2:59:05 PM): wow
    wolf220024 (2:59:25 PM): i been telling u trust me im not some creep like most here
    Oh yeah, real upstanding citizen. What a list of admissions, too.

    Which is why we're amazed that Jack Rojas didn't spend any time in jail, despite the fact that he's a multiple offender and the fact that most of the other people convicted from the Fort Myers, Florida sting in spring 2006 did get jail time. Rojas received three years probation, registered sex offender status and a host of restrictions. Some of the more interesting ones follow.

    -No internet access
    -Maximum supervision, including electronic monitoring
    -Living restrictions to keep him away from schools, which currently require him to live in a halfway house until he can find housing far enough away from sexual predator danger zones.

    Still, we would have liked to see him receive some jail-time, especially after the full details of what happened post-arrest in spring 2006, details which follow in the contributor writeup.

    Notes from the Contributor, Mickey Finn
    If there's anyone I can think of who should be in prison right now, it's Jack Rojas. Unfortunately, he is not. Rojas didn't show up for our sting in Ft. Myers in 2006, and after the sting was plastered all over south Florida news I was sure he would see it and stop talking to 13-year old \"Liz.\" But Jack apparently doesn't pay much attention to the news. He kept talking to \"Liz\" and was insistent on meeting her. So we gave him what he wanted. Well, almost. Nearly two weeks after the sting, Rojas drove two hours to meet 13-year old \"Liz\" at a McDonalds in Ft. Myers. Fortunately, instead of a young girl, he met a pair of handcuffs and the Ft. Myers Police Department.

    Rojas is clearly a dangerous predator. Not only did he admit in our chats to having traveled to Texas and having had sex with an underage girl the year before, he also admitted to chatting with other underage girls online, one of which resulted in a close encounter with someone claiming to be law enforcement. Although it shook him up, that encounter apparently didn't deter him. In addition, we also discovered he had chatted up one of our Human Shields volunteers in the past. Clearly, Jack Rojas is a very determined and dangerous serial predator.

    After his arrest, Rojas made bail almost immediately. He then hired one of the top law firms in Ft. Myers, and after many months they managed to negotiate a plea deal for him involving no prison time. Although he was under strict probation requirements and would be required to undergo treatment and register as a sex offender, he would serve no time.

    The good news is that Jack was about to learn two painful lessons only six days after his final hearing. The first lesson is that Perverted Justice doesn't stop paying attention to you after your arrest and conviction. The second is that when the terms of your probation say no Internet access, that means [i]no Internet access[/i]. Rojas had a cell phone with IM capability and a second screen name he had used to chat with \"Liz.\" After his conviction and probation was imposed, that screen name should never have been online again. But when I checked, there it was, very much online and very much with Internet access. So I contacted his probation officer and informed him. His probation officer called Rojas into his office, and with Jack's cell phone in his hand, he asked me to send an IM to Jack. When I did so, Jack's cell phone rang and there was my IM. Clearly, Jack still had Internet access he didn't think anyone knew about. He was re-arrested on the spot and jailed without bail for 41 days until his hearing. His probation officer recommended revocation of probation to the court, but for reasons I will never understand, the judge reinstated his probation and released him again. Granted, he has very strict probation terms and must register as a sex offender, but I think Jack Rojas needs a stronger message than that.

    As frustrating as the decisions of the court may be, it certainly wasn't due to lack of effort on the part of law enforcement. The Ft. Myers Police Department, and Detective Steinman in particular, made every possible effort to take Rojas off the street. Even though the sting was over and Dateline had left, Detective Steinman didn't hesitate to set up another sting just for Rojas. Equal credit goes to Probation Officer Perrino who recognized Rojas for what he was and tried again to take him off the street.

    This is our 196th conviction since June of 2004 and our 75th conviction for 2007 so far.