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    File originally posted on 10/25/2009 7:37 PM PST [Link to File]
    Report made 10/25/2009 7:37 PM PST

    mani_dasa (10/11/08 9:28:12 PM): Can we meet some where (Excuse me? 6 minutes and you want to meet?)
    maddiesallthat (10/11/08 9:28:21 PM): for what
    mani_dasa (10/11/08 9:28:34 PM): Date
    maddiesallthat (10/11/08 9:28:42 PM): u want 2 date me?
    mani_dasa (10/11/08 9:28:48 PM): If U dont mind
    mani_dasa (10/11/08 9:29:01 PM): :-*
    maddiesallthat (10/11/08 9:29:03 PM): i just met u
    maddiesallthat (10/11/08 9:29:12 PM): i dont even know yer name
    mani_dasa (10/11/08 9:29:36 PM): My Name is Mani
    mani_dasa (10/11/08 9:29:40 PM): urs
    maddiesallthat (10/11/08 9:29:50 PM): my name is Madison
    maddiesallthat (10/11/08 9:29:57 PM): u can call me Maddie
    mani_dasa (10/11/08 9:30:04 PM): ok
    mani_dasa (10/11/08 9:30:07 PM): cool
    mani_dasa (10/11/08 9:30:24 PM): U have Phone number
    maddiesallthat (10/11/08 9:30:25 PM): what do u want 2 do on a date?
    mani_dasa (10/11/08 9:30:48 PM): What U prefer
    maddiesallthat (10/11/08 9:31:05 PM): well if we go on a date its up 2 u. yer the guy
    mani_dasa (10/11/08 9:31:42 PM): Can I see ur pic
    maddiesallthat (10/11/08 9:32:55 PM): yeah lemme find one
    mani_dasa (10/11/08 9:34:32 PM): Can U share it
    maddiesallthat (10/11/08 9:35:02 PM): i'm trying
    mani_dasa (10/11/08 9:35:46 PM): accept
    maddiesallthat (10/11/08 9:36:08 PM): did it work 4 u?
    mani_dasa (10/11/08 9:36:25 PM): add some more
    maddiesallthat (10/11/08 9:36:32 PM): what bout u?
    mani_dasa (10/11/08 9:36:58 PM): I will share my cam
    maddiesallthat (10/11/08 9:37:00 PM): can i add u as a friend?
    mani_dasa (10/11/08 9:37:06 PM): Do U have nude once
    Yeah, Manikandan, the child definitely has naked photographs of herself to share with you. I mean, you've only spoken to her for fifteen minutes, where's the hesitation? Or are you very practiced at this? Predators. From all different backgrounds and ethnicities, but so often the same.

    Manikandan Dasaratharao received a sentence of 1-20 years in prison, several fines, and he had to register as a sex offender. The RSO status should not matter much, however, since upon his release from prison, he will be deported to India. One has to pity India for having to take back predators such as this sorry excuse for a person.

    Contributor notes from Guerrero Tortilla

    Manikandan Dasaratharao is a child predator that took all of 6 minutes to inquire about meeting and 15 minutes to ask for child porn. Manikandan wanted nothing...cared about nothing..but having sex with a 14 year old girl. Now he'll spend time in prison before being deported.

    To all the parents out there, I'll repeat a common theme....PLEASE be cognizant of your children's activities online. This log is a clear indication that it takes but one night for a predator to make a serious move toward raping your child. You are the first line of defense. Know what your children are doing online, know who they talk to, and know that it only takes a few minutes for someone like Manikandan Dasartharao to find and move on your child.

    As for this conviction I absolutely must recognize the Perverted Justice Content Creators for their dedication and hard work. The entire decoy was created by multiple members of Content Creators.. Perverted Justice depends on volunteers like those in Content Creators and I can't overstate the importance of those that drive the conviction machine from backstage. I also have to thank Carmen Gija and Pibb for adding the voice to the decoy.

    Lastly, huge props to the MI law enforcement and Attorney General for stepping up and taking a stand against internet pedophiles. This conviction should serve as a warning to all pedophiles in the Michigan region. Michigan takes crimes against children seriously.

    This is our 338th conviction since June of 2004, our 35th conviction for 2009, and our 22nd conviction in Michigan thus far.