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    File originally posted on 10/16/2013 2:38 PM PST [Link to File]
    Report made 10/16/2013 2:38 PM PST

    katierella1013 (12/16/10 8:29:15 PM): will you be able to see ur daughter?
    prcvegas10 (12/16/10 8:29:41 PM): yea she will be here christmas even then be with her mom christmas day
    katierella1013 (12/16/10 8:30:51 PM): awww thats cool :D
    katierella1013 (12/16/10 8:31:07 PM): what u getting her for chrismas?
    prcvegas10 (12/16/10 8:31:31 PM): well got her some new cloths
    katierella1013 (12/16/10 8:31:56 PM): awwww thats like real sweet of you - see, i told you that your like a realy awesome dad :) i wish my dad was like you
    prcvegas10 (12/16/10 8:32:11 PM): well thank you :D
    katierella1013 (12/16/10 8:32:50 PM): well like ur so cool, u talk to me about lots of really cool stuff
    prcvegas10 (12/16/10 8:32:56 PM): she should be happy got her some well nice panties as well lol
    prcvegas10 (12/16/10 8:32:58 PM): thanks
    katierella1013 (12/16/10 8:33:31 PM): lolz 'well nice' panties... like what kind of well nice? lolz... ur soooooooo awesome
    prcvegas10 (12/16/10 8:34:05 PM): well got her some satin one's in a thong style
    katierella1013 (12/16/10 8:34:51 PM): lolz..... u did? wow, ur are really cool. dad would never buy me stuff like that. wow, she's really gonnna love that
    prcvegas10 (12/16/10 8:35:31 PM): well I try my best, I'm sure she will love them
    katierella1013 (12/16/10 8:35:54 PM): omg, she's gonna totally love them!
    katierella1013 (12/16/10 8:36:00 PM): I wish i had cool panties like that
    prcvegas10 (12/16/10 8:36:01 PM): :D
    prcvegas10 (12/16/10 8:36:10 PM): well one day you will :D
    prcvegas10 (12/16/10 8:36:43 PM): plus would be nice to see how they fit on her lol

    Victoria's Secret thongs and satin panties - for an 11-year-old. This was one of Patrick Conroy's least disturbing discussions about his daughter. They got more and more graphic, including sexual abuse of his daughter. Thankfully, they were all fantasy. Still, it was enough to catch the eye of federal law enforcement, along with the many, many porn pictures and videos he sent to the decoy.

    Patric was charged federally with felony Coercion and Enticement. Eventually Conroy changed his plea to guilty, without a plea agreement in place. He was sentenced to 120 months in federal prison, along with lifetime supervision with special conditions.

    This is our 558th conviction since June of 2004.