• Conviction - jay1oc - Orange County, CA, California

    - Chatlog Conviction -
    File originally posted on 1/31/2007 8:13 PM PST [Link to File]
    Report made 1/31/2007 8:26 PM PST

    13 year old girl(5:37:53 PM): r u there
    jay1oc (5:38:34 PM): yeah
    jay1oc (5:38:45 PM): smoking cigarette
    jay1oc (5:39:25 PM): someone ask you how old you are next time you say you are 18
    13 year old girl(5:39:37 PM): hehe y
    jay1oc (5:39:49 PM): there will be no problem then
    13 year old girl(5:39:55 PM): so u rnt coming
    jay1oc (5:39:59 PM): and change your profile also
    13 year old girl(5:40:02 PM): y
    jay1oc (5:40:10 PM): your age is there
    13 year old girl(5:40:12 PM): ya
    jay1oc (5:40:18 PM): change it to 18
    13 year old girl(5:40:20 PM): y
    jay1oc (5:40:37 PM): then you can go all the way if you met right man
    13 year old girl(5:40:43 PM): w/e
    13 year old girl(5:41:12 PM): u r creeping me out
    jay1oc (5:41:17 PM): i can come over for a coffee today
    13 year old girl(5:41:26 PM): never mind d00d
    jay1oc (5:42:02 PM): are you having period right now
    13 year old girl(5:42:06 PM): no
    jay1oc (5:42:28 PM): cuz many woman get this urge when they are having it

    That was this edition of Dr. Creepy teaches women's physiology.

    What a creepy weird guy. Oh well, he's a creepy weird convicted guy now! And this ain't no \"Long Beach Special\", ol' Inkyoo Yi received a year in prison, three years probation, and good ol' RSO status with all the fun times that come along with that. No internet, no kid contact... etc, etc.

    We're quite pleased with this conviction which came from our Laguna Beach sting operation back in 2006.

    Notes from the Contributor, Miss Scarlett
    John hit me up in a California chat room during the Laguna Beach sting. He hit my 13 year old persona in chat one evening and showed up the next evening.

    He was very surprised to find the Laguna Beach police department instead of the 13 year old girl he was expecting.

    John received 365 days in jail and 3 years probation. He will be a registered sex offender and also submit his DNA for testing.

    Thanks to the Laguna Beach police department, the prosecutor on the case, and to my great verifier Van de Camp.

    This is our 140th conviction since June of 2004 and our nineteenth conviction for 2007 so far. This marks nineteen convictions in January 2007, which is a site record for most convictions in one month. An average of over one internet predator conviction every two days. Nice work, team!