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    Report made 11/21/2009 11:57 PM PST

    12/24/2005 8:39:14 PM: {K992boy}what do u want santa to bring for u?
    12/24/2005 8:41:25 PM: {K992boy}Hey if we get disconnect from this thing my AOL name is he same
    12/24/2005 8:41:31 PM: {lustfulsucker}ok
    12/24/2005 8:41:55 PM: {lustfulsucker}I want Santa to bring me a younger Latino boy to play with.
    12/24/2005 8:41:58 PM: {lustfulsucker}hehe
    12/24/2005 8:42:24 PM: {K992boy}hehe
    12/24/2005 8:42:36 PM: {K992boy}well i'm 1/2 latino :-D
    12/24/2005 8:43:02 PM: {lustfulsucker}really? lol see I said that and I didnt know u were...so there ... :P
    12/24/2005 8:44:07 PM: {K992boy}i know spooky
    12/24/2005 8:46:14 PM: {lustfulsucker}well not so spooky to those that know me...I have lusted for young latin bois since I was a young boy! LOL
    12/24/2005 8:47:27 PM: {K992boy}have u had one be4
    12/24/2005 8:47:41 PM: {lustfulsucker}yes!
    12/24/2005 8:47:48 PM: {K992boy}o ya?
    12/24/2005 8:47:51 PM: {K992boy}how old was he?
    12/24/2005 8:48:36 PM: {lustfulsucker}u mean how old was the youngest latino boy I was with?
    12/24/2005 8:48:50 PM: {K992boy}yeah
    12/24/2005 8:48:54 PM: {K992boy}if u dont mine me asking
    12/24/2005 8:49:57 PM: {lustfulsucker}if I tell you, will u tell me something personal about u? Like how big your dick is? :)
    12/24/2005 8:50:23 PM: {K992boy}its like 5\"
    12/24/2005 8:50:25 PM: {lustfulsucker}he was actually 13...I was 37
    This the second conviction is a row where the predator is an admitted rapist. Terrifying.

    Gregory Paul Diederich was arrested as part of our sting in Riverside, California in January, 2006. Diederich showed up with his boyfriend, who also chatted with the decoy and was arrested, and what was especially disturbing is that the boyfriend, Maurice Ruiz (RknRllAnml), has children. Diederich pled guilty two and a half years after his arrest to a charge of attempted lewd or lascivious acts with a child under 14 years. He received six months in a Riverside County jail, three years probation, and registration as a sex offender.

    The contributor for this chat was Don Pedro.

    This is our 441st conviction since June of 2004, our 137th conviction for 2009, and our 118th conviction in California thus far.