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    erickbigdick (03/26/07 9:16:37 PM): hi can we chat
    babigirl_babygirl3 (03/26/07 9:17:12 PM): sure
    babigirl_babygirl3 (03/26/07 9:17:16 PM): interstin name
    babigirl_babygirl3 (03/26/07 9:17:17 PM): asl
    erickbigdick (03/26/07 9:17:25 PM): 25.m.philly
    erickbigdick (03/26/07 9:17:26 PM): u
    babigirl_babygirl3 (03/26/07 9:17:53 PM): 13 almost 14 nj side of philly
    babigirl_babygirl3 (03/26/07 9:18:32 PM): that ok wit u?
    erickbigdick (03/26/07 9:18:58 PM): if u fuck an older guy before
    I guess there's no doubt about your intentions, eh?

    Jean Erick Santil was arrested during the March 2007 Ocean County, New Jersey sting. According to police records after his arrest, it was discovered that he was a school bus driver for special needs children. While he didn't get the strongest sentence in the world, he is a registered sex offender and will be under supervision for the rest of his life. Hopefully this will keep him away from any occupations involving children.

    The contributor for this chat was Belvedere.

    This is our 473rd conviction since June of 2004, our 168th conviction for 2009, and our 25th conviction in New Jersey thus far.