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    File originally posted on 12/7/2009 11:11 PM PST [Link to File]
    Report made 12/7/2009 11:11 PM PST

    rentalmaninpeoria (03/06/07 9:44:46 PM): can't get into details with you since you are only 13
    devin_devine93 (03/06/07 9:45:10 PM): whateva LOL
    rentalmaninpeoria (03/06/07 9:45:15 PM): sorry
    rentalmaninpeoria (03/06/07 9:45:24 PM): i didn't mean to offend you
    devin_devine93 (03/06/07 9:45:31 PM): its cool
    rentalmaninpeoria (03/06/07 9:45:36 PM): ok, thanks
    rentalmaninpeoria (03/06/07 9:45:58 PM): i think i can get in a lot of trouble
    devin_devine93 (03/06/07 9:46:07 PM): waht for?
    rentalmaninpeoria (03/06/07 9:46:30 PM): you know there are internet stalkers out there that stalk young girls and boys
    rentalmaninpeoria (03/06/07 9:46:34 PM): i am not one of them
    devin_devine93 (03/06/07 9:46:39 PM): for reals?
    rentalmaninpeoria (03/06/07 9:46:42 PM): and do not want to be confused with one
    rentalmaninpeoria (03/06/07 9:46:43 PM): lol
    rentalmaninpeoria (03/06/07 9:46:47 PM): real funny
    rentalmaninpeoria (03/06/07 9:46:55 PM): you know what I mean
    devin_devine93 (03/06/07 9:47:15 PM): what like killers?
    rentalmaninpeoria (03/06/07 9:47:48 PM): no, like sexual predators. but I guess there are murderers out there also
    devin_devine93 (03/06/07 9:48:17 PM): oic
    rentalmaninpeoria (03/06/07 9:48:39 PM): you do not look 13
    rentalmaninpeoria (03/06/07 9:48:47 PM): especially in that picture with the sunglasses
    devin_devine93 (03/06/07 9:48:53 PM): aww ur teassin me now
    devin_devine93 (03/06/07 9:48:57 PM): :|
    rentalmaninpeoria (03/06/07 9:49:02 PM): not teasing
    rentalmaninpeoria (03/06/07 9:49:11 PM): you look much older than 13
    devin_devine93 (03/06/07 9:49:14 PM): ty :)
    rentalmaninpeoria (03/06/07 9:49:25 PM): i would have guessed 18 or 19
    rentalmaninpeoria (03/06/07 9:49:30 PM): in that pic
    devin_devine93 (03/06/07 9:49:30 PM): for reals :P
    rentalmaninpeoria (03/06/07 9:49:32 PM): yes
    devin_devine93 (03/06/07 9:49:54 PM): cool
    devin_devine93 (03/06/07 9:49:55 PM): ty
    rentalmaninpeoria (03/06/07 9:50:00 PM): yw
    rentalmaninpeoria (03/06/07 9:50:19 PM): I wish you were 18 or 19! lol
    Yeah, you pathetic liar, you were so confused about who you were talking to.

    Michael D'Onofrio was arrested following the Ocean County, NJ sting, though in a different location. D'Onofrio didn't show up to the sting house, but he did send who he believed to be a young girl (despite his lies to the contrary) to pictures of him masturbating. D'Onofrio was, scarily enough, a little league coach, but not any longer, we hope. You're a scumbag, Michael D'Onofrio, and you're not going to be able to convince anyone with working brains that you didn't think you were talking to a minor. And guess what? Now this shows up anytime you need to have a background check done. Lucky you. He was sentenced to three years probation, community service, fines, and therapy.

    Contributor notes from Big Mac

    Mike D'onofrio, AKA rentalmaninpeoria, AKA miked0326 hit me up in March of 2007 while I was trolling for the Dateline New Jersey sting. He didn't come to the sting house, as you will see when you read his chat. It's too bad that he managed to squirm out of his \"date\" with Chris Hansen, however he didn't manage to squirm out of his destiny. You see, Mike decided it would be acceptable to direct me to a site where he had posted some pictures of himself masturbating to completion. So a few weeks later when Dateline to Catch a Predator in New Jersey aired for the first time, I decided to post him on a now defunct part of our website that old timers will remember, \"PJ Wankers!\".

    Guess what happened after that? Mike's neighbors saw his face, called the law, and Mike was arrested!

    The only sad thing is that Mike didn't spend any time at all in jail. You see, Mike lawyered up as soon as he caught wind of the situation and pleaded guilty to reduced charges to avoid prison time, which in my opinion is a real shame. I've read a lot of chats over my time at Perverted Justice, and have heard practically every excuse a man looking to rape a child can think of, but I know one thing...a man who makes such an attempt is a clear danger to children. Mike claims that he knew he was talking to an adult as you can see from what he said to the judge when he entered his guilty plea;

    At the time I believed that person was an adult and now I know that person is an adult.

    Apparently the Judge in his case must not have believed him. He gave him three times the recommended probation, and stated that he thought society could benefit from this extended control. He also gave him community service, 250 hours worth, that carries the stipulation that it cannot be performed at anything involving children.


    Why did Mike say what he said? I believe he said it becasue he thinks he's slicked his way through this thing. He won't be required to register as a sex offender and just has to pay a small fine, do some community service and complete his probation. Suprise Mike! Your sick, twisted words are going to be on the internet for a long, long time. The mask of normalcy you once wore has now been ripped away. Read his chat and decide for yourself if he thought he was talking to a 39 year old man or a 13 year old girl, and I think I know what your answer will be...

    I'd like to thank my verifier, Vyc1987, the Chatham Township Police Department, Daniel Papa and Mike's neighbors for getting the ball rolling. I would also like to thank the Morris County Prosecutor's office for the conviction of a man that I believe is a dangerous liar who solicited, groomed and would have attempted to have sex with a 13 year old child, had he not found me instead.

    This is our 468th conviction since June of 2004, our 163rd conviction for 2009, and our 23rd conviction in New Jersey thus far.