• Conviction - mknight322 - Livonia, Michigan

    - Chatlog Conviction -
    File originally posted on 1/6/2009 3:05 AM PST [Link to File]
    Report made 1/6/2009 3:05 AM PST

    mknight322 (01/22/08 9:17:46 PM): do u have a mic?
    Girl age 14 (01/22/08 9:17:51 PM): no
    Girl age 14 (01/22/08 9:18:00 PM): dont got nothin on this junky computer
    mknight322 (01/22/08 9:18:06 PM): lol
    mknight322 (01/22/08 9:18:08 PM): i can tel
    Girl age 14 (01/22/08 9:21:19 PM): my dad got a new computer
    mknight322 (01/22/08 9:21:27 PM): laptop?
    Girl age 14 (01/22/08 9:21:33 PM): n then he gave my bro his olld one
    Girl age 14 (01/22/08 9:21:41 PM): and i got my brothers old one
    mknight322 (01/22/08 9:23:28 PM): did ur dad get a laptop>
    Girl age 14 (01/22/08 9:23:43 PM): its reg computer
    mknight322 (01/22/08 9:23:53 PM): lol
    mknight322 (01/22/08 9:23:56 PM): does it have a webcam
    Repeat after us, parents... \"never buy a webcam for your child\"... \"never buy a webcam for your child\"...

    Michael Wayne Knight didn't waste much time online, but he sure wasted plenty at the bust house before being arrested. The most disturbing nature of this crime is that the older males know that police do this sort of decoy work, they've seen the \"To Catch a Predator\" specials... and they still make the attempt. We'll never be out of business because of guys like this.

    Michael Knight was sentenced to two-twenty years in prison. Will it be two or twenty? No idea. Are we happy with the sentence regardless? You bet.

    Contributor notes from Blue Bonnet
    Michael Wayne Knight REALLY wanted to \"hang\" with a child. I counted no less than 51 times (or more) in this chat where he asked to \"hang\" out with a 14 year old girl. He pounded my 14 year old persona throughout the entire chat for the location of the child that he just wanted to \"hang\" out with. His only worry was getting caught.

    When he did show up he drove around the house and neighborhood for at least an hour trying to figure out if cops were present. He was chatting from his cell phone in IM with me and also calling on the phone to our verifier Misha. After over an hour of this behavior law enforcement pulled him over, putting a stop to his ludicrous games. Thanks to Misha's awesome work on the phone he was arrested.

    Knight just wanted to hang out - right? Not so! He wanted to molest a child. He ultimately made his intentions known in the chat and he later showed up to carry out his objectives. He received two to twenty years in prison. At least for awhile this predator will not be able to harm a child.

    I am very grateful to the Wayne County Sheriff's office and the Van Buren Township Police Department for all of the hard work that they do keeping Michigan kids safe. Michigan has been an incredible state to work with. Pedophiles should beware of looking for children in Michigan!

    I am especially grateful to Misha. She worked so hard on the phone. It was a very stressful call and she was fantastic throughout the entire call.

    This is our 309th conviction since June of 2004 and our 6th conviction for 2009 thus far.