• Conviction - mesadash8pilot - Las Vegas, Nevada

    - Chatlog Conviction -
    File originally posted on 4/8/2011 2:06 PM PST [Link to File]
    Report made 4/8/2011 2:06 PM PST

    mesadash8pilot (08/21/08 11:57:13 PM): I will probably mostly just talk dirty to you, or down to you a little. Doesn't mean anything, just makes me feel good and that means your doing the gf's job
    rubyslippers013 (08/21/08 11:57:30 PM): ok
    rubyslippers013 (08/21/08 11:58:01 PM): cause i dont know what all the gfs r suposed 2 do
    rubyslippers013 (08/21/08 11:58:33 PM): so u gotta tell me
    rubyslippers013 (08/21/08 11:58:48 PM): what the gfs r suposed 2 do
    mesadash8pilot (08/21/08 11:58:52 PM): ok baby I will
    mesadash8pilot (08/21/08 11:59:50 PM): basically when it comes to my dick, your ultimate goal is to do anything I want so I can feel good and cum all over you and inside you
    rubyslippers013 (08/22/08 12:00:27 AM): ok
    mesadash8pilot (08/22/08 12:01:12 AM): Like for instance.. when we are in a private place.. I shouldn't have to ask you. You should just take my pants off and start giving me a bj
    rubyslippers013 (08/22/08 12:02:00 AM): like what if u didnt want me 2? how can i know if u wanted 2 or not?
    mesadash8pilot (08/22/08 12:02:20 AM): if I didn't I would tell you, otherwise just start doing it
    rubyslippers013 (08/22/08 12:02:45 AM): ok
    mesadash8pilot (08/22/08 12:03:28 AM): I can touch you wherever, and you can touch me wherever
    rubyslippers013 (08/22/08 12:03:36 AM): ok
    mesadash8pilot (08/22/08 12:04:35 AM): Basically the bf is in charge when it comes to that stuff, in a private place.. go ahead and just start sucking my dick until I'm ready to cum, then I'll probably put you on the bed and put it in your pussy
    And if you think that's vile, the entire chat-log is filled with vile bullshit like the above.

    Scott Erb is an asshole. Let's not sugarcoat it, the guy is a sadistic asshole who hates females. Read the chat-log, don't have to be a licensed psychiatrist to diagnose this one. Luckily, he decided to make a trip to our sting operation in Utah where they know how to arrest sadistic assholes like ol' Scott.

    He was arrested in Iron County, Utah and prosecuted by the federal government, since he crossed state lines. He was sentenced to 46 months in federal prison followed by 60 months supervised release, with all of the usual sex offender restrictions. There are a lot of vile individuals posted on this website, Scott Erb is one of the worst.

    Contributor notes from Blue Bonnet
    Scott Erb wanted to dominate and rape children. He was one track minded with that thought throughout the entire four months of chat. Fortunately he was arrested instead.

    He will serve 46 months in prison followed by 60 months supervised release with the usual restrictions.

    I want to thank Nic Johnson and the Iron County Sheriff's office for the fantastic work they do.

    This is our 544th conviction since June of 2004 and our 12th conviction for 2011.