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    File originally posted on 3/16/2008 2:58 PM PST [Link to File]
    Report made 3/16/2008 2:58 PM PST

    westwoodkush (11:06:04 PM): :yeah so how long have you been going
    cyndgrrrl1992 (11:06:10 PM): bording?
    westwoodkush (11:06:16 PM): :right
    cyndgrrrl1992 (11:06:23 PM): i dunno a few yrs
    westwoodkush (11:06:31 PM): :oh is that it
    westwoodkush (11:06:37 PM): :cool
    westwoodkush (11:06:49 PM): :you sound like ur getting pretty good
    cyndgrrrl1992 (11:07:14 PM): ya.
    cyndgrrrl1992 (11:07:20 PM): tho it was relly hard at first
    westwoodkush (11:07:29 PM): :i know its hard for everybody
    cyndgrrrl1992 (11:07:42 PM): it lookd easy
    westwoodkush (11:07:47 PM): :u know
    westwoodkush (11:07:48 PM): :lol
    westwoodkush (11:08:04 PM): :so are you starring at me still
    cyndgrrrl1992 (11:08:10 PM): lol
    cyndgrrrl1992 (11:08:13 PM): no.. i dont think
    cyndgrrrl1992 (11:08:18 PM): did i close the window
    cyndgrrrl1992 (11:08:32 PM): ahllolo.. im such a dork
    westwoodkush (11:08:40 PM): :lol
    cyndgrrrl1992 (11:08:41 PM): no wonder my puter is so slow
    cyndgrrrl1992 (11:08:51 PM): ok, now closed
    westwoodkush (11:09:07 PM): :yeah cool i was just about to get naked j/k

    LOL i wuz gonna commit a felony JK'ing OMG.

    Robert Alarcia like a lot of predators thought the ol' j/k is super anti-felony arrest magic... but he was wrong. The j/k isn't super anti-felony arrest magic as when Alarcia showed at our Laguna Beach sting to molest what he thought was a young teen... he was arrested. For a felony. It's like magic, how that happens.

    Alarcia then went on to hire some loud-mouth goofball defense attorney who talked a big game about the evils of arresting adults for trying to have sex with kids but the jury said \"lol no you fail\" (well, not in so few words!) and convicted Alarcia with superb quickness.

    Alarcia received six months in jail, five years probation and registration as a sex offender for his troubles. Would've been easier and less costly to plead, wouldn't it? Oh yes, it would've.

    Contributor notes from Capelli D'Angelo
    So he said goodbye in the chat, but it wasn't forever, since I had the pleasure of testifying at his criminal trial, where his lawyer insisted that Robert was actually an innocent victim to my wayward 13 yr old decoy.

    Robert is such a great example of a groomer. He appears nice, funny and teasing. He smoothly goes from snowboarding, to partying, to sex. It's almost enough to make you forget he is driving an hour to have sex with a 13 year old. Except not. I have zero sympathy for someone chatting up a kid for sex, and neither did the Jury. His lawyer shouted at me, was admonished by the judge several times and made to look stupid by the brilliant prosecuting attorney, but all the obfuscation didn't fool the jury and they quickly returned a well deserved guilty verdict.

    This is our 268th conviction since June of 2004 and our 6th conviction for 2008 thus far. We have a lot more to post and will stop being lazy about posting them soon.