• Conviction - jarobert24 - Hillsdale, Michigan

    - Chatlog Conviction -
    File originally posted on 10/25/2009 7:59 PM PST [Link to File]
    Report made 10/25/2009 7:59 PM PST

    jarobert24 (10/03/08 9:33:21 PM): would you want to pee in my mouth?
    vivalazoe94 (10/03/08 9:34:03 PM): really?
    jarobert24 (10/03/08 9:34:16 PM): yes
    jarobert24 (10/03/08 9:34:40 PM): i want to try everything with you
    vivalazoe94 (10/03/08 9:35:10 PM): idk about that
    vivalazoe94 (10/03/08 9:35:17 PM): would u want to do that?
    jarobert24 (10/03/08 9:35:23 PM): yes
    vivalazoe94 (10/03/08 9:36:29 PM): i see you!
    vivalazoe94 (10/03/08 9:36:32 PM): lol
    jarobert24 (10/03/08 9:36:33 PM): lol
    jarobert24 (10/03/08 9:36:35 PM): hi
    jarobert24 (10/03/08 9:36:49 PM): so would u want to pee in my mouth?
    vivalazoe94 (10/03/08 9:37:50 PM): hehe idk about that
    jarobert24 (10/03/08 9:38:13 PM): ok
    jarobert24 (10/03/08 9:38:47 PM): i think you want to
    vivalazoe94 (10/03/08 9:39:13 PM): lol i would want people to wathc me pee
    vivalazoe94 (10/03/08 9:39:16 PM): wouldn't*
    jarobert24 (10/03/08 9:39:46 PM): it would only be me
    vivalazoe94 (10/03/08 9:39:53 PM): hehe its still embarrassin
    vivalazoe94 (10/03/08 9:39:54 PM): g
    jarobert24 (10/03/08 9:40:09 PM): nah i think it would be hot
    vivalazoe94 (10/03/08 9:41:30 PM): hehe why?
    jarobert24 (10/03/08 9:41:44 PM): ive always wanted to drink my girls pee
    It is difficult to read that and not have one's soul die a little bit inside.

    Jason Robert Bigelow is an especially disgusting and disturbing example of a sexual predator. We have to hope that his prison sentence will be a long one because he seriously needs to stay far, far away from minors. His obsession with trying to molest a minor, in especially sick and degrading ways, was evident in his willingness to drive a long distance to meet her. Thankfully he met the law enforcement in Grand Rapids instead.

    Contributor notes from Franz Bainbridge

    Jason Bigelow was my first bust and first conviction as part of the Grand Rapids sting with the Michigan Attorney General’s Office. Jason was an interesting type of ‘fast-mover’. He brought up the potential of meeting to have sex after only a half hour of chat. After only two conversations with him, spread two weeks apart, he had no problem driving two hours to meet my 14 year-old decoy for a shower, anal sex, and drinking her urine, which is apparently something he “always wanted to drink…” Jason made few attempts to groom my decoy, instead opting to make perfectly clear his intentions to have sex with a child.

    As revolting and forward as he was, this was a classic case of someone who knew exactly what he was doing was illegal, even knowing the penalty for getting caught would be time in the slammer. But in the end, he felt that a 14 year-old was “old enough”. He jumped at the opportunity to drive to the bust house, where he was promptly arrested by law enforcement. I suppose Jason didn’t want a jury to hear that he wanted to drink a minor’s urine, so he accepted a plea bargain that will put him in a house of correction for 1-20 years.

    I want to thank all the contributors and junior contributors that supported me on my first bust and all of the fine folks at the Michigan Attorney General’s Office in catching and keeping these predators off the streets.

    This is our 339th conviction since June of 2004, our 36th conviction for 2009, and our 23rd conviction in Michigan thus far.