• Conviction - pete_wood11 - Monroe Ohio, Kentucky

    - Chatlog Conviction -
    File originally posted on 5/16/2008 9:27 PM PST [Link to File]
    Report made 5/16/2008 9:27 PM PST

    pete_wood11 (04/11/07 8:29:03 PM): what you change into?
    kylee (04/11/07 8:29:11 PM): nity
    pete_wood11 (04/11/07 8:29:32 PM): what does it look like
    kylee (04/11/07 8:30:13 PM): its long n blue
    pete_wood11 (04/11/07 8:30:45 PM): mmmm i love blue, is it see thru?
    kylee (04/11/07 8:30:57 PM): no lol
    kylee (04/11/07 8:31:00 PM): its kinda warm
    pete_wood11 (04/11/07 8:31:10 PM): nice what you have on under it?
    kylee (04/11/07 8:32:06 PM): wat u think?
    pete_wood11 (04/11/07 8:32:34 PM): panties?
    kylee (04/11/07 8:34:58 PM): ya
    pete_wood11 (04/11/07 8:35:11 PM): mmm what color
    kylee (04/11/07 8:35:42 PM): blue
    pete_wood11 (04/11/07 8:35:55 PM): blues my fav color
    kylee (04/11/07 8:37:01 PM): rlly?
    pete_wood11 (04/11/07 8:37:08 PM): yep
    pete_wood11 (04/11/07 8:37:14 PM): bet you look sexy in them too
    kylee (04/11/07 8:37:27 PM): aww ty
    pete_wood11 (04/11/07 8:37:35 PM): my leasure
    pete_wood11 (04/11/07 8:37:37 PM): pleasure
    kylee (04/11/07 8:37:55 PM): lol
    pete_wood11 (04/11/07 8:40:23 PM): wish i could see you in that nightie
    kylee (04/11/07 8:40:35 PM): aw
    pete_wood11 (04/11/07 8:40:54 PM): how short is it
    kylee (04/11/07 8:41:23 PM): like knees
    pete_wood11 (04/11/07 8:41:36 PM): nice, bet your knees are cute too

    Wait, knees? Well, at least he's original.

    Paul Westwood got himself into a large heapin' helpin' portion of trouble by chatting with our decoy. After being arrested for traveling to Kentucky to meet what he thought was a thirteen year old female for sexual purposes, authorities in his home state of Ohio searched his computer and found child pornography. One action by Westwood opened up two different cases against him.

    Westwood got 51 months in Kentucky for soliciting our decoy and three years (36 months) in Ohio for possessing child pornography. After release from prison, he will have twenty years of supervised release... which should cover probably all of the life he has remaining. Good sentence!

    Contributor notes from Irish Rose
    Paul Westwood, 45 years old, first hit up my 13-year-old profile on MySpace. Over the next four days, via Yahoo and MySpace, he groomed who he thought was a child to meet him for sex. In this chat you will see his skill at using common grooming techniques. He flatters the minor, attempts to make her feel special and portrays himself as her protector saying things such as \"help you with anything you want be there for you protect you that kinda stuff\".

    He introduces physical contact gradually, watching cautiously for the minors reaction, trying not to scare her. He brings up holding, hugging and tickling at first to make physical interaction seem innocent, before he starts talking about his true intentions. He even uses his dogs as an attraction (often used by predators as a lure), bringing them up several times with comments such as \"let you play with my dogs sometime\".

    The verifier on this case, [Lost.Girl] did a great job. During one of the calls, Paul thought he was talking with someone else at first. He said he had talked to this \"other\" girl's mother, and seemed concerned about the father knowing he was talking to the daughter. The verifier handled this situation well, letting Paul talk and reveal more about his conversation with that other girl before setting him straight.

    Paul was arrested when he arrived at the home of who he thought was a 13-year-old home alone. His arrest was part of an operation undertaken in Kentucky with the Campbell County Commonwealth Attorney's office, the Kentucky Bureau of Investigation, the Campbell County Police Department, and the Highland Heights Police Department. He had crossed state lines from his home in Ohio, and so was charged and convicted in Federal Court in the Eastern District Of Kentucky. The charge was travel with intent to engage in illicit sexual conduct.

    He was sentenced to 51 months with no chance of parole, followed by sex offender registration and 20 years of supervised release. However, before he even began serving this sentence, he had already started serving a three year sentence in Ohio for pandering sexually oriented matter involving a minor. After his arrest in Kentucky, a search warrant was issued for his home computer, resulting in the additional charges in Ohio.

    This is our 275th conviction since June of 2004 and our 13th conviction for 2008 thus far.