• Conviction - dragonrage613 - Waterford, MI, Michigan

    - Chatlog Conviction -
    File originally posted on 9/14/2008 8:51 AM PST [Link to File]
    Report made 9/14/2008 8:51 AM PST

    13 y.o. girl (02/24/08 9:53:25 AM): where u from
    dragonrage613 (02/24/08 9:53:49 AM): MI you?
    13 y.o. girl (02/24/08 9:54:00 AM): ya but where
    dragonrage613 (02/24/08 9:54:06 AM): oh, Waterford
    dragonrage613 (02/24/08 9:54:08 AM): you?
    13 y.o. girl (02/24/08 9:54:22 AM): near AA
    dragonrage613 (02/24/08 9:54:31 AM): AA?
    13 y.o. girl (02/24/08 9:54:41 AM): ann arbor
    dragonrage613 (02/24/08 9:54:45 AM): oh gotcha
    dragonrage613 (02/24/08 9:55:25 AM): so what do you like to do?
    13 y.o. girl (02/24/08 9:55:40 AM): hangout party movies music
    dragonrage613 (02/24/08 9:55:53 AM): what kind of parties?
    13 y.o. girl (02/24/08 9:56:04 AM): lol da fun kind
    dragonrage613 (02/24/08 9:56:09 AM): sex parties?
    Uh. Sure.

    Gary Abner might win an award for having the most D&D geekstyle screenname we've ever had hit us up. Congratulations. Of course, he also won a few other parting gifts. Handcuffs, a conviction, registration as a sex offender. When you get arrested in a internet sting operation, it doesn't matter if you choose door number one or door number two... it's always the same ol' thing!

    Then again, Michigan does like to shake it up a bit. Most places have a solid sentence they give out. Michigan has a bit more derring-do, it's like spinning a wheel with them. Abner will either do 13 months in jail or 20 years in jail. Or any number of time in jail in-between. It all depends on what Michigan thinks when it wakes up that morning, we guess.

    Contributor notes from Noel Nog
    Many first time visitors to the Perverted Justice website believe that we only use Yahoo as a chat medium when dealing with online predator-wannabes. My chats with Gary Abner prove this to be a misconception.

    Initially he contacted my 13-year-old persona on the social networking website Teenspot, ostensibly tailored to teens. Having trolled the chatrooms on Teenspot before, however, I knew it to be a cesspool of older men looking for young prey. Abner was one such predator. At first he claimed to be fifteen, but when we switched our chat to Yahoo and he showed me his photo, I was able to get him to admit his real age of nineteen. He soon turned the chat to topics of a sexual nature.

    Over the next few weeks, he also messaged me on \"my\" MySpace, stating he had computer problems that precluded his use of Yahoo Instant Messenger (YIM). Fortunately, I saved those messages, too, to turn over to law enforcement. By the time sting week rolled around, he had returned to messaging me via YIM, and he decided to drive to see me at the sting house.

    This is our 297th conviction since June of 2004 and our 36th conviction for 2008 thus far.