• Conviction - daggers_of_passion - Houston, Texas

    - Chatlog Conviction -
    File originally posted on 10/2/2008 9:44 PM PST [Link to File]
    Report made 10/2/2008 9:44 PM PST

    daggers_of_passion (11/02/06 11:23:45 PM): I want to kiss and gently suck along your neck
    lynda_93_tx (11/02/06 11:24:02 PM): 4 realz?
    daggers_of_passion (11/02/06 11:24:04 PM): I want to make you feel so sexy and beautiful
    daggers_of_passion (11/02/06 11:24:05 PM): yes
    daggers_of_passion (11/02/06 11:24:30 PM): I want to stroke my hands along your legs
    daggers_of_passion (11/02/06 11:24:52 PM): maybe slowly unbutton your shirt
    daggers_of_passion (11/02/06 11:24:56 PM): if you let me
    lynda_93_tx (11/02/06 11:25:58 PM): sure, i'd let u
    daggers_of_passion (11/02/06 11:26:14 PM): tell me what you want to do
    lynda_93_tx (11/02/06 11:27:33 PM): i don't know, what sort of stuff would u want me to do?
    daggers_of_passion (11/02/06 11:27:50 PM): anything you feel comfortable with
    lynda_93_tx (11/02/06 11:28:37 PM): i don't know what sort of stuff guys like girls to do
    daggers_of_passion (11/02/06 11:29:09 PM): you are just so sexy
    daggers_of_passion (11/02/06 11:29:17 PM): anything you do I will love
    daggers_of_passion (11/02/06 11:29:25 PM): even if you just sit on my lap
    lynda_93_tx (11/02/06 11:29:40 PM): yeah, but what do u want me to do?
    daggers_of_passion (11/02/06 11:30:00 PM): do you want to taste my cock?
    Yeah, we know, horrible evidence, right?

    Asif Khokhar here is our 300th conviction to date. Quite frankly, you don't work with police and prosecutors around the country to contribute to 300 convictions unless you know what the hell it is that you're doing. We know what we're doing, and we do a great job of it. In 2006, Khokhar arrived at a house in Murphy, Texas for another of our large-scale operations with police. As always, a medley of dangerous characters showed up and were arrested.

    These stings are always like clockwork, the guys chat us up, we show the chats to police, they give a thumbs up on the content of the chat-log, the guy shows up, is arrested and later convicted. In Murphy, Texas, due to the efforts of one incompetent liar, this playbook was thrown out the window. Collin County DA John Roach said that he'd take the cases to a grand jury, then a couple months later, decided that he didn't feel like prosecuting the sexual predators arrested in that sting. Nevermind that his office had already successfully handled an identical case before.

    Roach's decision was without integrity. He lied in his handling of the sting operation cases and would further lie by claiming that the evidence was shoddy and unusable in a court of law.

    Upon all of this shitstorm of idiocy breaking out in early 2007, Harris County Detective Russell Ackley hit us up wanting to know if any of the individuals that Roach wasn't going to prosecute had lived in Harris County, Texas. Ackley, unlike Roach, actually gave a damn that these older men were trying to molest underage kids. As it turned out, Asif Khokhar lived in Harris County, Texas and communicated with our decoys from Harris County. That gave Ackley jurisdiction. Working with prosecutors from his county, Detective Ackley spearheaded what Collin County DA John Roach deemed impossible...

    And Asif Khokhar will now spend two years in jail for arriving at the Murphy, Texas internet predator sting operation. He'll also register as a sex offender for life. His result could and should have happened to every single individual that arrived at that sting operation, if only individuals like Detective Ackley and Prosecutor Eric Devlin of Harris County, Texas were handling the cases.

    For more information regarding the Murphy, Texas predator sting, please read the following link: One last look at the Murphy, Texas sting operation.

    Contributor notes from Count Chocula
    Asif Khokhar was one of the 21 men who showed up to the \"Dateline: To Catch A Predator\" house in Collin County, Texas. Unlike the other men, Khokhar lived in a County which actually was proactive about showing their distaste for online predators. When Collin County refused to prosecute these cases, Harris County stepped up to the plate. On August 7th, Khokhar agreed to a plea agreement which will see him spend 2 years in prison and will force him to register as a Sex Offender once he gets out.

    I'd like to thank Ginger Snap for verifying this case for me. Also, I'd like to give a big thank you to Russell Ackley of the Harris County Sheriff's Department and Eric Devlin of the Harris County District Attorney's Office.

    This is our 300th conviction since June of 2004 and our 39th conviction for 2008 thus far.