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    File originally posted on 12/27/2010 7:52 PM PST [Link to File]
    Report made 12/27/2010 7:52 PM PST

    gca93066 (09/22/07 11:34:32 PM): yes, and i know i should be careful with the age thing, but you are just so sweet and sexy.... fun, all that
    Decoy (09/22/07 11:35:01 PM): aww thx u r 2
    gca93066 (09/22/07 11:35:43 PM): do you keep my pic to look at
    Decoy (09/22/07 11:36:38 PM): yalolz did u keep mine?
    gca93066 (09/22/07 11:36:57 PM): yes
    Decoy (09/22/07 11:37:01 PM): kewl
    gca93066 (09/22/07 11:37:28 PM): turns me on to look at your pretty face
    Decoy (09/22/07 11:37:39 PM): aww rely?
    gca93066 (09/22/07 11:38:07 PM): yes
    gca93066 (09/22/07 11:38:14 PM): gets me hard for you
    Decoy (09/22/07 11:38:22 PM): he he
    gca93066 (09/22/07 11:38:55 PM): u like knowing that
    Decoy (09/22/07 11:39:12 PM): its kewl
    gca93066 (09/22/07 11:39:51 PM): do you think about playing with me, sucking on me?
    Decoy (09/22/07 11:40:26 PM): lolz
    gca93066 (09/22/07 11:40:38 PM): do ya
    Decoy (09/22/07 11:41:18 PM): i gues lolzx
    Decoy (09/22/07 11:41:21 PM): lolz
    gca93066 (09/22/07 11:42:04 PM): do you want to do that to me? or do you want me to make love to you more
    Decoy (09/22/07 11:42:27 PM): dont mattr i did that b4 it wuz kewl
    gca93066 (09/22/07 11:42:48 PM): what was kewl
    Decoy (09/22/07 11:43:09 PM): both rely lolz
    gca93066 (09/22/07 11:43:47 PM): do you want to do them again
    Decoy (09/22/07 11:44:08 PM): lolz sumday it wuz fun
    gca93066 (09/22/07 11:44:57 PM): well you can give me a blow job anytime sweetie... ;-)
    What a generous offer. You should have been far more 'careful with the age thing.' Like you know, not trying to molest a child at all.

    Gary Christopher Armstrong first contacted one of our contributors in April 2007 as part of our Highland Heights sting in Kentucky. This did not result in an arrest, but Armstrong continued to \"push his luck,\" so to speak. He hit up Silver Jordan as part of a later sting, and though he did not show for that one either, he was arrested by his local law enforcement. In spring 2010, three years after we first encounted Armstrong, he plead guilty to charges of felony child solicitation. He was sentenced to three years home incarceration, one year work release, four years probation, and ten years registration as a sex offender with the usual restrictions.

    Contributor notes from Silver Jordan
    Perverted Justice and Gary Christopher Armstrong first crossed paths back in 2007. Gary hit up former contributor Gloria Jean for our Highland Heights, Kentucky group sting. He started out their conversation by stating \"13, wow, okay, sorry too young\", which of course he didn't actually mean, because within an hour, within sixty minutes, this 40 year old man was already directing his end of the conversation into discussion of \"dirty thoughts\". Gloria's first chat with Gary Armstrong only lasted that one hour, but he would be back.

    The second time they chatted, again inside of an hour, he was talking about giving her massages and testing the waters by saying things like, \"but if you were laying in bed next to me, it would be hard to not want to kiss you or more...\" This asshole, Gary Christopher Armstrong, within that first hour of their second chat brought the conversation fully into a sexual discussion about oral sex and climaxes, with what he thought was a 13 year old child! If you read the rest of the chat you will see that Gary talked about little else after that.

    Shame on you Gary. You're a sick individual.

    Gary did not immediately show for that particular sting, however, but he did prove himself to be a persistent predator. Only five months had passed after the Highland Heights bust was over and Gary was still at his computer chatting up children on the internet. How do I know this? Because he chatted me up! Well, not me...really, more like the 13 year old kid I play on the internet, but me none-the-less! Gary, I know I said this already, but...well, you're an asshole.

    Yes, he was up to his same old tricks. Just read the chat and you'll see what I mean. Gary even explained just how against the law it was for him to try to have sex with my child-decoy, but it sure didn't stop him from describing all of the sexual things he wanted to do to her, nor did it stop him from describing the mechanics of vasectomies. Unfortunately for the TV viewing public, Gary didn't show up to meet our good friend Chris Hansen for the Bowling Green TCAP episode... Fortunately he did get picked up by Clark County, Indiana law enforcement. He faced many charges, in excess of 120 of them actually!

    A big thanks to Clark County Law enforcement for taking action and seeing that Gary C. Armstrong was held accountable for his crimes.

    This is our 528th conviction since June of 2004 and our 28th conviction for 2010.