• Conviction - jmv91373 - Norwalk, CA, California

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    File originally posted on 10/6/2006 6:30 PM PST [Link to File]
    Report made 10/6/2006 6:46 PM PST

    jmv91373 (5:33:06 PM): lol.....yeah I would we would have to stick to safer sports
    me_me_meredith (5:33:16 PM): lol like wut?
    jmv91373 (5:33:27 PM): golf!!!
    me_me_meredith (5:33:41 PM): ewwwwww golf is borin.....
    jmv91373 (5:33:48 PM): flirtin and stuff too
    jmv91373 (5:33:57 PM): woo woo
    jmv91373 (5:33:59 PM): lol
    me_me_meredith (5:34:15 PM): lol that i can do....
    jmv91373 (5:34:48 PM): no way as good as me thou....I got skillz
    jmv91373 (5:34:50 PM): lol
    me_me_meredith (5:35:30 PM): i bet u do.... lol
    jmv91373 (5:35:59 PM): :D.....way to smooth.....lol
    me_me_meredith (5:36:29 PM): ull have 2 prove it 1 day lol.....
    jmv91373 (5:36:41 PM): says who??
    me_me_meredith (5:36:53 PM): says me lol
    jmv91373 (5:37:33 PM): I wouldn't have to prove anything cuz I just can't contain it I'm so cool.....lol
    jmv91373 (5:37:44 PM): B-)
    jmv91373 (5:37:48 PM): lol
    jmv91373 (5:38:48 PM): \"I'm a sexy beast baby!!\" as Austin Powers would say

    Jimmy Varela is no smooth Austin Powers type, he's just another disgusting convicted internet predator. Varela received a year prison sentence for his very long chat with our decoy. He arrived at our Laguna Beach police sting where 13 predators arrived over an 11 hour period a month after our Riverside Dateline sting.

    Notes from the Contributor, Wendy

    This case was a departure from the norm, as far as my convictions go, because the past two happened so fast that it seemed they went from my IM window to a jail cell in no time at all. Jimmy Varela, aka jmv91373, actually took his time.

    His M.O. was that of \"the buddy\" - the older guy who just happens to \"see something special\" in his little underaged friend, who offers insight into the minds of the male classmates with whom the girl finds herself at odds, and really tries to set himself apart from the rest of the creeps. He's the \"nice\" guy who's anything but, using friendship as a very thin veil for his intentions. He's a groomer.

    The novel thing (at the time) about him was that he seemed to try the jealousy route. He mentioned several times that he wanted to find \"a cool chick to hang out with\", and openly mentioned how he couldn't find one, how he struck out in my absence. No doubt these were quite unsubtle hints that he'd hoped I'd take as bait. Unfortunately for him, he tried to bait the wrong 13 year-old.

    A thousand thanks to Sgt. Darin Lenyi of the Laguna Beach PD and his team for working with PeeJ, the results of which were this conviction, as well as the arrests of 12 others within a mere 11-hour period. Thanks also to my verifier Boots, who did an excellent job of removing any existing doubt from Varela's mind that I was anything but a 13 year-old girl - one he should've had the decency and maturity to pass up.

    This is our 87th conviction since June of 2004 and our 47th conviction for the year 2006 thus far. This is our 14th conviction in California thus far, but that's just the tip of the iceberg since we have over a hundred more cases still in the pipeline.