• Conviction - rockstar9992003 - Gig Harbor, Washington

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    File originally posted on 12/7/2009 11:37 PM PST [Link to File]
    Report made 12/7/2009 11:37 PM PST

    rockstar9992003 (08/09/08 1:50:53 AM): but im not joe
    rockstar9992003 (08/09/08 1:50:55 AM): i dont even know a joe zoe
    rockstar9992003 (08/09/08 1:51:00 AM): you dont remember me? my name is david
    rockstar9992003 (08/09/08 1:51:12 AM): im from tacoma
    rockstar9992003 (08/10/08 1:58:12 AM): so you dont remember me zoe...im from tacoma
    rockstar9992003 (08/10/08 1:58:16 AM): my names david
    rockstar9992003 (08/10/08 2:00:03 AM): im sad you dont remember me
    rockstar9992003 (08/10/08 2:19:06 AM): why did you leave
    rockstar9992003 (09/14/08 2:38:04 AM): hey zoe
    rockstar9992003 (09/14/08 2:38:12 AM): dont block me please, i know you think im someone else
    rockstar9992003 (09/14/08 2:38:26 AM): how are you
    rockstar9992003 (09/14/08 2:39:40 AM): why are you up so late
    rockstar9992003 (09/14/08 2:44:29 AM): zu zu
    rockstar9992003 (09/21/08 3:44:44 AM): hey zoe
    rockstar9992003 (09/21/08 3:45:21 AM): how are you
    rockstar9992003 (09/21/08 3:48:53 AM): why are you awake
    rockstar9992003 (10/05/08 10:52:15 PM): hi zu zu
    rockstar9992003 (10/05/08 10:52:45 PM): how are you zoe
    rockstar9992003 (10/05/08 10:54:00 PM): whats new
    rockstar9992003 (10/05/08 10:55:22 PM): why dont you like talking to me
    rockstar9992003 (10/05/08 11:21:42 PM): zoe
    rockstar9992003 (10/05/08 11:35:59 PM): zu zu
    rockstar9992003 (10/22/08 10:40:29 PM): hello zoe blue
    rockstar9992003 (10/22/08 10:40:42 PM): how are you
    rockstar9992003 (10/22/08 10:41:44 PM): remember me
    rockstar9992003 (10/22/08 10:42:46 PM): zu zu?
    rockstar9992003 (10/22/08 10:46:54 PM): im not whatever jerk guy you think i am
    rockstar9992003 (10/22/08 10:49:24 PM):
    rockstar9992003 (10/22/08 10:49:35 PM): sorry
    rockstar9992003 (10/22/08 10:49:45 PM): i just wanna chat with you zoe
    rockstar9992003 (10/22/08 10:50:06 PM): you thought i was someone else last time we chatted and ignored me
    rockstar9992003 (10/22/08 10:50:25 PM): but i thought you liked me because you showed me your pic
    rockstar9992003 (10/22/08 10:51:03 PM): :)
    rockstar9992003 (10/22/08 10:51:49 PM): i dont have a problem with your age zoe
    rockstar9992003 (10/22/08 10:54:27 PM):
    rockstar9992003 (10/22/08 10:59:41 PM): hey zu zu:)
    rockstar9992003 (10/22/08 10:59:55 PM): do you have a boyfriend yet
    rockstar9992003 (10/22/08 11:00:51 PM): how does it feel to be 113:)
    rockstar9992003 (10/22/08 11:05:03 PM): you want a cookie?
    rockstar9992003 (11/19/08 11:01:59 PM): hey zoe
    rockstar9992003 (11/19/08 11:02:08 PM): how are you
    rockstar9992003 (11/19/08 11:02:40 PM): you have a new pic
    rockstar9992003 (11/19/08 11:07:38 PM): :)
    rockstar9992003 (11/19/08 11:07:53 PM): zuzu?
    rockstar9992003 (11/19/08 11:25:22 PM):
    rockstar9992003 (12/07/08 11:21:12 PM): hi
    .... what the hell.

    David Daniel Krawczyk was arrested early this year in Kitsap, Washington, as part of our IF work across the country. He was charged with second degree attempted child rape, and upon arrest he told detectives that he knew what he had done was illegal and morally wrong. You got that right, David. He quickly pled guilty to a lesser charge of communication with a minor for immoral purposes. He was sentenced to four years probation, RSO status, and sex offender treatment.

    Contributor notes from Kia Ora

    This was truly a team effort. David Daniel Krawczyk began hitting up Contributors here in early 2008, and I ran into him in July. He is what is considered a classic groomer. Starting out with how pretty my 13 year old persona was, leading up to wanting to buy her gifts...and finally getting to the nitty gritty of wanting sex without a condom and wanting my persona to dress up in a school girl outfit. This chat took almost six months - he was nervous and would ask my persona about being a cop, if I was a guy, etc. He'd also ask me the same questions over and over to make sure my answers did not change. Interestingly enough, he also acknowledged that one \"girl\" he had talked to before was a man and/or a cop. You'd think he'd have learned his lesson the first time. I'm sure Valentine's Day will never be the same for him again.

    Krawczyk pled guilty to Communication with a Minor for Immoral Purposes five months after his arrest. He was sentenced with time served, four years of parole, registration as a level II sex offender, and mandatory sex offender treatment.

    I'd like to thank Lt. Smith and the wonderful detectives at the Kitsap County Sheriff's Office, as well as the six other Contributors who had to deal with this piece of work prior to me. Also thanks to my verifier for this case, Red Wagon for being ready by the phone.

    This is our 469th conviction since June of 2004, our 164th conviction for 2009, and our 13th conviction in Washington thus far.