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    fuddster88 (01/26/07 11:51:52 PM): whats on your mind
    fuddster88 (01/26/07 11:52:17 PM): i cant get over how sexy u look
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    13-yrold-girl (01/26/07 11:54:22 PM): idk lol wats best?
    fuddster88 (01/26/07 11:54:29 PM): u tell me
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    fuddster88 (01/26/07 11:55:06 PM): which one would u like to learn
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    fuddster88 (01/26/07 11:55:30 PM): what u think
    He went from that to...

    Well, to that!

    Number 200 is here and it's Jamie Ramirez from our Walters, Oklahoma sting operation. It's nice to be out of the 100's and into a bold new area. Hopefully our stay in the 200's is as short as our stay in the 100's was. How short?

    Well, we posted our first conviction in June of 2004. Three years later, we post our 200th conviction. But those two numbers don't tell the entire tale. We got our 100th conviction in November 2006. It's now seven months later and we've already logged another 100 convictions on top of that. 100 convictions in merely the last seven months is a very, very nice statistic indeed.

    Ramirez received 36 months in the brig, reduction to E1 and a bad conduct discharge.

    Contributor notes from Irish Rose
    Jamie Ramirez was very persistent in trying to meet who he thought was a 13 year old girl. He asked her over and over to tell him where she lives. He wanted to meet at a mall, outside her house, and even asked to sneak into her room while her grandfather was sleeping. He described the sexual acts he wanted to perform with her. He also exposed himself on cam to whom he believed was a 13 year old.

    When Sgt. Ramirez arrived at a home intending to meet a real child, he was met by law enforcement. This was a Group Law Enforcement Sting, a coordinated effort involving the Walters Oklahoma Police Department, the Criminal Investigation Division of the Army, the FBI and Perverted Justice.

    This behavior in any adult would be considered reprehensible and obviously illegal. But this man was a member of the military, charged with protecting the citizens of this country. Military personnel rightly have pride in their uniform and what it stands for. They hold themselves to high moral standards. This man disgraced his uniform, and Fort Sill took his actions very seriously.

    I was looking forward to testifying in a JAG hearing, travel arrangements were made, and I was packed and ready to go. The trip was delayed and then cancelled. He faced seven years in prison if the case went to trial, so he chose to plead guilty when faced with the indisputable evidence against him, and the military took this evidence seriously as well. On May 31, 2007, former Sgt. Jamie Ramirez was Court Marshalled. His plea deal was for 36 months in prison, reduction to E1 and a bad conduct discharge.

    Thank you to the Walters PD, the CID and the Fort Sill military court for their efforts and cooperation to bring this man, as well as others, to justice during the sting in Cotton County OK.

    This is our 200th conviction since June of 2004 and our 79th conviction for 2007 so far.