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    x_cums_in_the_night_x ( 4:17:33 PM): *shaves at his naughty bits* ;)
    mystyk_roses ( 4:17:42 PM): lol realy!
    x_cums_in_the_night_x ( 4:17:57 PM): you saw the pic....lol
    mystyk_roses ( 4:18:13 PM): taht was realy u :D
    x_cums_in_the_night_x ( 4:18:21 PM): you need proof?
    x_cums_in_the_night_x ( 4:18:23 PM): lol
    mystyk_roses ( 4:19:13 PM): haha i guess ill prolly see
    mystyk_roses ( 4:19:26 PM): :D
    x_cums_in_the_night_x ( 4:19:34 PM): *swells* ;)

    Oh yes, every married man does this prior to his wedding.

    First, read the chat-log. Then, read the following link: by clicking right here. Okay, now, go back and read through some of the chat-log.

    From the news article linked
    Today he pleaded guilty, but not without support - Father R. Dean Johnson, a family friend, stood by his side. He told the judge and our cameras that West simply had a case of pre-wedding jitters. Says Father Johnson, \"He fell into the trap because he was so emotionally insecure about taking the emotional step of getting married.\"

    We've seen some awfully stupid defenses of people before, but that one has to take the entire cake. Of course, we're not quite sure who is more deluded... The Father or the Fiancee. Because despite his attempt at \"pre-marital jitters\", the Fiancee married him a month later anyways. Now, she will get to wait at least five years before seeing him again, as he has been sentenced to ten years with a minimum of five to serve.

    After that, she'll get the pleasant experience of being married to a man who faces ten years of probation and lifetime registration as a sex offender. All this for a man who continued a sexual conversation over a period of days with what he thought was a minor... a young female he wished to record child pornography of while getting his own sexual, apparently \"pre-marital\", urges satiated.

    Dumb. Dumb. Dumb. People.

    Notes from the Contributor, Icarus
    Mr West here was caught up in the tandem known as Antiperv/Icarus, with Icarus being the more handsome of the deadly duo.

    I had just gotten back from my honeymoon the week before the Harris County Dateline and that coupled with a death in the family, I was not able to participate that weekend. As things played out, the sting was extended by a few days and Antiperv was not able to continue the chat due to other obligations. He asked me to step in and takeover the profile for mystyk_roses. As we are all a team here, we do whatever it takes to assure that the predators meet the proper authorities. It's not about who makes the bust or gets the credit, just that the bust gets what is coming to him. And Todd West did. He made the 80-mile drive to the bust house and instead of the 14 yr old virgin, he met Harris County's finest.

    Harris County has been awesome throughout this whole process and by now you are aware of the \"Harris County Special.\" In a recent article, Todd's new wife and a retired priest came to his defense and tried to explain away his actions as \"pre-wedding jitters.\" The only way I can find this possible is that they have yet to view the evidence themselves and want to believe that Todd is a misfortunate soul. Now you, the reader, will have this evidence presented before you and ask yourself if Todd was just suffering the a case of \"pre-wedding jitters.\" He drove well over an hour to the bust house, showed his penis on cam and made sexual references to a person who stated several times that she was a virgin and only 14 yrs old. Had he a fling with some gal he met at a bar, I'd buy it. I'd say he has bad morals but that is between him and his wife. He didn't. He drove 80 miles to have sex with a 14 yr old girl.

    That makes him a predator. And thanks to Judge Peters, he is now a convicted predator who has at least 5 yrs to think about his actions.

    Notes from the other Contributor, Antiperv
    I was in a GA chat room when Todd hit on my underage ID. This was part of a combination GA LE and Dateline TCAP sting. Saturday Yahoo went down nationwide during the sting and I was unable to get on line with Todd. Luckily the GA LE and Dateline stayed around and re-opened the house later in the week. Due to prior obligations I was unable to bring Todd in. However Icarus helped out by taking over my id.

    Todd was featured prominently on TCAP, however he was not interviewed by Chris Hanson, and if I understand it right he was also the very last person to be arrested in the Georgia sting. Counting the fact he had showed up to have sex with a 14 year old girl, he pretty much hit the loser button all the way around.

    While this chat in and of itself isn't much different than any other, this is my most interesting case due to behind the scenes with the prosecuting attorney's office and the news stories featuring his supporters.

    Behind the scenes many of us were hit with subpoena's to show up in Georgia on Tuesday the 13th. We were then told to hold off, because there was no way they could have all those trials in one day. Later we discovered 12 had pleaded, but were unsure of who they were. I was told Monday the 12th that I would receive a phone call by noon on Tuesday and be told if I had to hop on a plane or not. By the time I had received my call from the prosecuting attorney's office, I had already heard via the grapevine that Todd had plead and my services would not be needed.

    Another interesting part was a couple of news stories, print and video, showing people who were supporting Todd and his case of \"pre-wedding jitters\". I hope that their interview responses were based on what Todd had told them what happened and I hope that after reading the actual chat log they will realize he has a much bigger problem then he has allowed them to believe.

    This is our 151st conviction since June of 2004 and our 30th conviction for 2007 so far.