• Conviction - tophat106 - Warren, Michigan

    - Chatlog Conviction -
    File originally posted on 10/24/2009 2:06 PM PST [Link to File]
    Report made 10/24/2009 2:06 PM PST

    tophat106 (03/04/08 12:18:06 AM): ur so young
    tophat106 (03/04/08 12:18:10 AM): i thought ur 16
    tophat106 (03/04/08 12:18:14 AM): going on 17
    tophat106 (03/04/08 12:18:19 AM): 13 is
    tophat106 (03/04/08 12:18:19 AM): wow (Yes, 13 is wow way too young.)
    Profile name (03/04/08 12:18:23 AM): i told you 13
    tophat106 (03/04/08 12:18:36 AM): i must have been drunk
    tophat106 (03/04/08 12:18:42 AM): thinng 17

    Oh yeah, you were very confused. Let us recap:

    tophat106 (02/21/08 11:41:04 PM): oh im 38
    tophat106 (02/21/08 11:41:05 PM): u
    Profile name (02/21/08 11:41:09 PM): 13
    Profile name (02/21/08 11:41:14 PM): ill be 14 next month
    tophat106 (02/21/08 11:41:22 PM): get out
    tophat106 (02/21/08 11:41:25 PM): u look like 22
    Profile name (02/21/08 11:41:31 PM): lol no
    Profile name (02/21/08 11:41:35 PM): almost 14
    tophat106 (02/21/08 11:42:18 PM): sweet

    Gary Kapanowski's log has many long sections of chat where messages are only one to three words long. This mindless chat is due to the fact that he only has one thing on the mind, molesting a child. He did not care about anything else. Due to a plea agreement, he did not receive much of a jail sentence. However, he did receive five years probation, and he must register as a sex offender with the usual restrictions that will keep him away from place where he might be able to meet children. Michigan is lucky to have such a pro-active AG's office who not only arrest predators who show up at bust houses, but who also hunt down predators who solicit and send pornography to children from what they think is a position of safety.

    Contributor notes from Marge Arita
    I met Gary Kapanowski during the build up for the March 2008 Michigan sting. Kapanowski was well educated, had a successful career, was involved in alumni associations and clubs associated with one of the universities he attended, was involved in organizations related to his work and involved in fundraisers for different causes. Seems like a good guy, right?

    Gary Kapanowski was also obsessed with pornography. During our chats he sent pornography through Yahoo file share, through Yahoo photo share and through email. He sent many links to porn websites he wanted my profile to see. The chat was very graphic with Kapanowski stating what he wanted my profile to do. He wanted to have sex with my profile. He wanted my profile to have sex with an older woman. He wanted my profile to help him meet other girls. Good thing he was talking to me and not a real child.

    Gary Kapanowski was arrested during Phase 2 of our March sting. He was offered a plea agreement and was sentenced to the following:

    5 years probation
    1st 60 days jail work release if eligible (1 day credit)

    Probation with the following conditions:

    Sex offender Registration
    No use/possession of computer
    No unsupervised minor contact
    Other usual conditions

    What parents need to know is that predators come from all different backgrounds and social circles. This is why parents need to be diligent in watching what their kids are doing online. There are predators out there that will promise a child everything they want during the grooming process and some predators have the means to follow through with those promises. Be diligent and make sure these predators are not getting to your kids.

    Thank you to our PeeJ team that works so hard behind the scenes, the Michigan Attorney Generals office for their strong stance on internet predators and to the awesome LE that make the arrests.

    This is our 333rd conviction since June of 2004, our 30th conviction for 2009, and our 19th conviction in Michigan thus far.