• Conviction - baddboyysweetheart - Beaver Dam, Wisconsin

    - Chatlog Conviction -
    File originally posted on 12/23/2006 4:05 PM PST [Link to File]
    Report made 12/23/2006 4:33 PM PST

    lil_suzie_qt (12:36:30 AM): i think when muh mom unplug muh puter it erased r sumthin
    baddboyysweetheart (12:37:46 AM): no it wouldnt erase it
    baddboyysweetheart (12:37:54 AM): did you get to it
    baddboyysweetheart (12:38:07 AM): the mess archive
    lil_suzie_qt (12:39:37 AM): it say i dont have any
    baddboyysweetheart (12:40:00 AM): oh ok
    baddboyysweetheart (12:40:16 AM): your mom probably knows how to get on there
    baddboyysweetheart (12:40:23 AM): and erased it
    lil_suzie_qt (12:40:28 AM): oh i dunno
    lil_suzie_qt (12:40:43 AM): oh wait recent history blank is that the same thing?
    lil_suzie_qt (12:40:48 AM): oh i dunno
    lil_suzie_qt (12:40:52 AM): u cant tell me
    baddboyysweetheart (12:42:19 AM): its blank?
    lil_suzie_qt (12:42:29 AM): yea
    baddboyysweetheart (12:42:54 AM): unplugging the computer wont erase it
    baddboyysweetheart (12:43:01 AM): she must have
    baddboyysweetheart (12:43:17 AM): wait does she know your id?
    baddboyysweetheart (12:43:26 AM): for yahoo?
    baddboyysweetheart (12:43:41 AM): i mean password
    lil_suzie_qt (12:43:52 AM): no she dont no muh yahoo stuff
    baddboyysweetheart (12:44:37 AM): do you have it set to............remember my id and password on this computer?
    lil_suzie_qt (12:44:48 AM): NO WAY
    baddboyysweetheart (12:45:19 AM): cause if you did all she has to do is turn it on and click sign in and shell get it
    lil_suzie_qt (12:45:35 AM): no i dont do that
    lil_suzie_qt (12:46:13 AM): i didnt no there was a mess thingy
    baddboyysweetheart (12:47:10 AM): better be careful......lol
    lil_suzie_qt (12:47:27 AM): how come?
    baddboyysweetheart (12:49:03 AM): cause your mom will be able to see what we talk about

    Yes, it would be bad if people saw what you talked about, wouldn't it?

    Sometimes it takes a while. The log between our contributor and this predator took over a month of time, just another example how our volunteers have to have patience before they get into this. It also took forever for this case to finally hit the court... again, much patience needed.

    Anyways, Timothy Wolfe will now get to have patience as he spends nine months in jail, is on probation for a couple years, gets the usual registered sex offender restrictions... no contact with minors, no internet use, etc, etc. We're glad to have the Wolfe case finally brought to a close.

    Notes from the Contributor, Teddy Graham
    118th Conviction, it's just goes to show you what teamwork and determination can accomplish. Everyone deserves a THANK YOU.. Admin, Fellow Contribs, Verifiers, FU, CC's, Detectives, DA... There are no words to express my gratitude for everyone's hard work on this case.... Thank You!!!

    Special thanks to Perverted-Justice.com, if not for this website we wouldn't be making the impossible, possible!

    This is our 118th conviction since June of 2004 and our 78th conviction for the year 2006 thus far.