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    File originally posted on 5/25/2007 5:53 PM PST [Link to File]
    Report made 5/25/2007 5:53 PM PST

    spaki786 (09/04/06 10:15:24 PM): i wana lick u all over....and finished u off with a slow and hard fuck,,,,,
    spaki786 (09/04/06 10:15:25 PM): hehe
    decoy name (09/04/06 10:15:34 PM): realy
    spaki786 (09/04/06 10:16:00 PM): yup
    decoy name (09/04/06 10:16:33 PM): u gonna wear condum
    decoy name (09/04/06 10:16:39 PM): so i dont hav get preggys
    spaki786 (09/04/06 10:16:45 PM): yup
    spaki786 (09/04/06 10:17:12 PM): or i can fuck u form the back whole......dat way u remain virgin...and wont have to worry bout pregant
    spaki786 (09/04/06 10:17:38 PM): its funn
    decoy name (09/04/06 10:17:42 PM): lol i dont care wutevr is kool
    decoy name (09/04/06 10:17:53 PM): idk much bout taht stuff so i let u decid
    spaki786 (09/04/06 10:17:57 PM): ok....bakc is better ...means u dont have to worry bout condoms...
    spaki786 (09/04/06 10:17:58 PM): okie
    spaki786 (09/04/06 10:18:47 PM): u want me to cum...on ur belly.....or inside ur ass
    decoy name (09/04/06 10:18:59 PM): it dont matter realy
    spaki786 (09/04/06 10:19:05 PM): kool
    spaki786 (09/04/06 10:19:28 PM): im gonna do both,.......first inside ur ass....then outside
    spaki786 (09/04/06 10:19:29 PM): hmmmm
    decoy name (09/04/06 10:19:37 PM): oo ok
    decoy name (09/04/06 10:19:39 PM): kool
    spaki786 (09/04/06 10:19:54 PM): yull love it...it hurt a little .....not alot......u better have sum kinda lotion...like baby lotion or stuff u kno....
    decoy name (09/04/06 10:20:14 PM): all gurlz hav lotion
    decoy name (09/04/06 10:20:15 PM): lol
    spaki786 (09/04/06 10:20:23 PM): kool
    spaki786 (09/04/06 10:20:41 PM): i can put dat on my dick...and on ya ass....so it will go in soflty
    I really, really want this guy to get deported.

    Maroof Farooq comes to the United States, supposedly looking for a better life... but for a guy like him, that comes in the form of trying to lure a twelve year old for anal sex. Yeah, not exactly the ideals inscribed on the Statue of Liberty, is it?

    Maroof showed up at our Long Beach Dateline sting operation, which means he got the \"Long Beach Special.\" Fortunately, it looks like the \"Special\" might have a good dessert along with it. We can only hope.

    He gets the usual three years probation, lifetime sex offender registration, sixty days of picking up garbage along the freeway and a year of sexual assault counseling. However, there's a strong possibility that our pal Farooq may also be deported afterwards. Cross your fingers.

    This is our 192nd conviction since June of 2004 and our 71st conviction for 2007 so far.