• Conviction - yankees_9ers_dad - Utica, New York

    - Chatlog Conviction -
    File originally posted on 5/22/2004 2:59 PM PST [Link to File]
    Report made 1/11/2007 5:27 PM PST

    yankees_9ers_dad (12:12:51 AM): whens school end?
    yankees_9ers_dad (12:12:59 AM): u want me to stop?
    britney_harrison2002 (12:13:10 AM): no
    britney_harrison2002 (12:13:25 AM): during the week im alone like from 4 on
    britney_harrison2002 (12:13:29 AM): til midnight
    yankees_9ers_dad (12:13:39 AM): every night?
    britney_harrison2002 (12:13:45 AM): mon, tues, thurs.
    yankees_9ers_dad (12:14:08 AM): would you let me sleep with you in your bed then?
    yankees_9ers_dad (12:14:16 AM): by sleep i mean sx

    If you have to explain such a concept, then by default... she's too young.

    Scott Wolfe took a while. A long while. Originally posted in May of 2004, Wolfe rested on the main page back when we posted prior to arrest. Eventually, the file ended up in the hands of law enforcement due to our Followup Forums. From then on, Wolfe went from being exposed (literally) to arrested.

    Recently Wolfe pled out. He had fought the charges for well over a year and a half but once Del Harvey showed up to testify, he realized that he had no choice but to plea out. We're not sure why defendants think there's a chance that we won't show up... we always show up. Silly predators.

    This conviction comes from our archive, yes, just because we archived the files doesn't mean that there aren't more cases coming from them. As always, any law enforcement officer who wishes to peruse our back files can contact our administration to find out how.

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    Notes from the Contributor, Del Harvey
    Back . . . way, way back, actually . . . in May of 2004, I was hit up in a regional chatroom by a man named Scott Wolfe, using the screenname yankee_9ers_dad. Believing me to be a 13 year old girl, it didn't take long for Scott to masturbate on webcam, get graphic in terms of what he wanted to do with the girl, and make plans to meet and have sex. Thanks to legato, who oh-so-long-ago was my verifier, and thanks to Sgt. John Cooney of the Troy Police, who pursued this case with dedication.

    Perhaps what may be most telling to those who pay attention to what we do -- well, this log was masked pending the conviction, like many others. Simply because a conviction hasn't come through yet doesn't mean it won't. Today was originally Scott's grand jury hearing -- but when he discovered that I was there and ready to testify, he dropped his pretense of innocence (which he had argued passionately for two plus years) and instead pled guilty to obscenity.

    He'll pay a fine, give up his computer, have to stay out of chatrooms for a year, must undergo an eval by a forensic mental health examiner, and must abide by the conditions for treatment as set out by that examiner.

    This is our 125th conviction since June of 2004 and our fourth conviction of the year for 2007. This is yet another conviction from our archives.