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    maken_do_692003 (12/13/07 8:38:43 PM): all i do is work and talk to you
    earthgirl2006 (12/13/07 8:39:04 PM): hehe
    earthgirl2006 (12/13/07 8:39:07 PM): is that bad?
    maken_do_692003 (12/13/07 8:39:24 PM): i dont know yet
    maken_do_692003 (12/13/07 8:39:26 PM): do you
    maken_do_692003 (12/13/07 8:39:31 PM): think
    earthgirl2006 (12/13/07 8:39:47 PM): well i dont think it bad you talkin to me:)
    earthgirl2006 (12/13/07 8:39:53 PM): and u gotta work
    maken_do_692003 (12/13/07 8:40:14 PM): no im talking about meeting and stuff
    earthgirl2006 (12/13/07 8:40:41 PM): it not bad we meetin. it excitin
    maken_do_692003 (12/13/07 8:40:51 PM): thats kool
    maken_do_692003 (12/13/07 8:41:01 PM): because we both would be killed
    maken_do_692003 (12/13/07 8:41:24 PM): KILLED
    earthgirl2006 (12/13/07 8:41:36 PM): well that just silly.
    earthgirl2006 (12/13/07 8:41:41 PM): nobody kill us
    earthgirl2006 (12/13/07 8:41:46 PM): and i not about to tell mom
    earthgirl2006 (12/13/07 8:41:50 PM): or dorkface
    maken_do_692003 (12/13/07 8:41:54 PM): lol
    maken_do_692003 (12/13/07 8:41:55 PM): ok
    maken_do_692003 (12/13/07 8:42:24 PM): i would be in some really hot water if anyone found out
    Yeah, about twelve years of it, really.

    Knowing the consequences, but not caring. Gary Wood likely cares now. It only took him a mere six days to cross state lines in order to try to molest an underage girl. He'll now have twelve years to think about it. 44 now, he'll be around 57 when he gets out of prison. What a waste of a life, all for the attempted abuse of a minor. Arkansas is a very nice state to work in, that's for sure.

    Contributor notes from Lady Grey
    We chatted a mere 6 days before he headed across state lines with the intention of molesting a child. As many pedophiles will do, he lied about his age stating that he was 27 years old. Later we would find that he is actually 44 years old.

    This pedophile moved quickly entering into sexual talk with my persona not 20 minutes into the first chat. Determined not to let anything keep him from his goal of molesting a child he borrowed money from his cousin to get gas for the trip and used the excuse that the cell phone belongs to his cousin so he could not call during the trip on an icy winter night. He was taking no chances on getting caught. We were left clueless as to his whereabouts and thought he would not show since he failed to show on a previous night. On the evening of December 16 he finally turned up in a different vehicle than he stated he owned and quite drunk.

    Gary Don Wood, 44, of Oklahoma City, Okla., pleaded guilty on August 14, 2008 in Benton County, Arkansas to a class B felony of stalking a child on the internet. He was sentenced to 12 years in the Arkansas Department of Correction. He must also enroll in and complete the prison's sex-offender treatment program and register as a sex offender.

    Thanks to Gentry Police Chief Keith Smith and his fine team of law enforcement and the team we call Perverted Justice for all their hard work in helping me bring Gary Don Wood to justice. I count myself honored to work with such great people.

    This is our 311th conviction since June of 2004 and our 8th conviction for 2009 thus far.