Ya Think John Has Done This Before?
Bust by Jay Alternative @ 10/24/2009 1:00 PM PST


Perverted Justice mark: John, 58
AOL IM: OjaiRadDad
Location: Oak View, California

Wannabe Pedo's Picture
This wannabe pedo tried to solicit RiverRidzz13, a 13 year old boy
... or so they thought!

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OjaiRadDad [11:42 A.M.]: hey
OjaiRadDad [11:43 A.M.]: so cal also
RiverRidzz13 [11:43 A.M.]: sweet where u?
OjaiRadDad [11:43 A.M.]: near riverside at the moment
OjaiRadDad [11:43 A.M.]: arcadia
OjaiRadDad [11:43 A.M.]: in a hotel
RiverRidzz13 [11:43 A.M.]: daym im in mira loma
OjaiRadDad[11:43 A.M.]: i live in the ventura area
OjaiRadDad [11:43 A.M.]: is that close to arcadia?
RiverRidzz13 [11:43 A.M.]: its in riverside
OjaiRadDad [11:44 A.M.]: kewl
OjaiRadDad [11:44 A.M.]: names john
RiverRidzz13 [11:44 A.M.]: <----Luke
OjaiRadDad [11:44 A.M.]: how r u this mornin lil bro
RiverRidzz13 [11:44 A.M.]: how old ru?
OjaiRadDad [11:44 A.M.]: 45
RiverRidzz13 [11:44 A.M.]: <---13
RiverRidzz13 [11:44 A.M.]: u got pics?
OjaiRadDad [11:44 A.M.]: yeah, wanna swap?
RiverRidzz13 [11:44 A.M.]: way sweet
OjaiRadDad [11:45 A.M.]: sent
OjaiRadDad [11:46 A.M.]: dude u r totally HOT
RiverRidzz13 [11:46 A.M.]: dos ur boyf/s
OjaiRadDad [11:46 A.M.]: yeah
OjaiRadDad [11:46 A.M.]: 2 sons
OjaiRadDad [11:47 A.M.]: pic is 2 years old, they are 12 & 18 now
OjaiRadDad [11:47 A.M.]: so what r u lookin 4 this mornin luke????
RiverRidzz13 [11:48 A.M.]: dunno u?
OjaiRadDad [11:48 A.M.]: would luv 2 hook up with someone while i am here
OjaiRadDad [11:48 A.M.]: all alone in a big hotel room
OjaiRadDad [11:49 A.M.]: u a top or bottom?
RiverRidzz13 [11:49 A.M.]: i only done bottom
OjaiRadDad [11:49 A.M.]: top here :)
OjaiRadDad [11:50 A.M.]: u lookin this mornin?
RiverRidzz13 [11:50 A.M.]: my dads gone til 2mrra so go da house to me
OjaiRadDad [11:50 A.M.]: kewl
OjaiRadDad [11:51 A.M.]: u interested in hookin up?
RiverRidzz13 [11:51 A.M.]: i cant til 11 i had a bud spend nite and his mom picin him up round 1030
OjaiRadDad [11:52 A.M.]: thats kewl, u interested at 11?
RiverRidzz13 [11:52 A.M.]: totally
RiverRidzz13 [11:52 A.M.]: u got rubberz?
OjaiRadDad [11:52 A.M.]: yeah
OjaiRadDad [11:52 A.M.]: but i hate em
RiverRidzz13 [11:53 A.M.]: last time they hurt lots
OjaiRadDad [11:53 A.M.]: i know
OjaiRadDad [11:53 A.M.]: better without but obviously not very safe
OjaiRadDad [11:54 A.M.]: u wanna try bareback?
RiverRidzz13 [11:54 A.M.]: that hurt less?
OjaiRadDad [11:54 A.M.]: yeah , but u need lots of lube and a guy that goes slow helps also
OjaiRadDad [11:54 A.M.]: u wanna talk by phone?
OjaiRadDad [11:55 A.M.]: ??
RiverRidzz13 [11:55 A.M.]: k whats ur #
OjaiRadDad [11:56 A.M.]: (805)660-0407
OjaiRadDad [11:56 A.M.]: u callin now?
RiverRidzz13 [11:56 A.M.]: grttin fone
OjaiRadDad [11:57 A.M.]: k
RiverRidzz13 [12:01 P.M.]: brb he talkin
RiverRidzz13 [12:01 P.M.]: u sound hot
OjaiRadDad [12:01 P.M.]: k
RiverRidzz13 [12:03 P.M.]: we gonna go to mcdonalds can i call u when he goes so u come then?
OjaiRadDad [12:04 P.M.]: yeah, all i need is an address and number to call u when i get there
OjaiRadDad [12:04 P.M.]: the address is for directions
OjaiRadDad [12:04 P.M.]: an intersection or street works
RiverRidzz13 [12:05 P.M.]: ** address edit **
RiverRidzz13 [12:05 P.M.]: i call u when he goes gtg
OjaiRadDad [12:05 P.M.]: k
RiverRidzz13 [12:05 P.M.]: u gotta cam?
OjaiRadDad [12:05 P.M.]: no, sorry
RiverRidzz13 [12:05 P.M.]: daym
RiverRidzz13 [12:05 P.M.]: k i call u
RiverRidzz13 [12:05 P.M.]: lay-tar
OjaiRadDad [12:05 P.M.]: yeah
OjaiRadDad [12:05 P.M.]: l8tr

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